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Why is the economy, unemployment, and the average wage at the worst levels since the Depression? For the answer to this, I reached out to the New York Times, and there it was in black and white from the most liberal newspaper in the world. This quote is from www.westernjournalism.com:

“The New York Times ran a featured story entitled, “Recession Officially Over, U.S. Incomes Kept Falling.” The story highlights a study by two former Census Bureau officials, Gordon W. Green Jr. and John F. Coder, which found Americans have lost more wealth under the Obama administration than in the midst of the recession under George W. Bush. Altogether, the recession and Obama’s policies created the largest reduction in the American standard of living in decades. (Read the report’s major findings here.) Obama’s policies have inflated store prices, debased the dollar’s purchasing power, and led to a glut of unemployed who are not drawing a paycheck. However, government workers suffered the smallest income drop, meaning Obama’s policies encourage government dependence and a further spiral toward economic catastrophe.”

It has gotten so bad in the US, that we need a very serious, very creative, and very comprehensive solution to make it better. The RRR plan is exactly that. You may counter that all candidates are trying to rescue the economy and create jobs, and they think their ideas are the best. You would be correct. Why is the RRR plan any better than same ole same ole?

What separates the RRR plan from all others is that it is not just talking points. It is designed to work. Other plans focus on a small piece of the road to recovery whereas the RRR plan actually builds the whole road—from start to finish. It is a far more comprehensive plan than any candidate anywhere running for any office is offering. The only thing simple about RRR is that it is easy to remember.

The RRR plan is ready to be used to help save our country—to rescue US from the progressive socialist / Marxists Administration that is now holding the country captive. In January, 2012, I released a book titled RRR. It is 292 pages long, and it first outlines and then explains a unique plan for economic recovery and job creation. It is guaranteed to work if adopted by Congress and the new president. RRR is a winner for the United States and for the American people.

RRR is a multifaceted approach to bringing America back from the precipice of disaster to again become the most successful country on the planet. The precipice of disaster is not an attractive place folks. RRR is about the economy and jobs. It does not touch on social issues at all. RRR is simply about economic recovery and job creation.

RRR is not a warmed over “999” from Herman Cain. In fact, tax policy, the thrust of 999, though very important, is just one area of RRR’s many facets. Along with a number of other features, RRR is built to move our economy from one that is pure Capitalism to a modified Capitalism / Mercantilism system. This is the way the founders intended. Capitalism is a core element of RRR style Mercantilism.

The good news for conservatives is that Mercantilism does not resemble Progressivism, Marxism, Communism, or Socialism. We’ve had enough of that over the last three and a half years. Haven’t we?

As a superset of Capitalism, Mercantilism is designed to first help the home country, most often when it is in a fledgling status or when it has become disadvantaged as the US has become. The US is still king of the hill but we are declining. The US is the place to be but those countries rushing the hill are increasing in number and unlike US, they do not have their hands tied behind their backs by their governments.

The RRR plan is good for the economy. It is good for the people. It is good for jobs. And, for those corporations that want to sign up to be American-Centric, it is good for corporations. It is the solution balm that offers a gutsy, unique, real, and workable path to getting America back on its feet. There is nothing like it anywhere else. All we need is the resolve and the leadership for the RRR plan to make us all successful.

Here are the four full sets of RRR

Set 1: Reduce Taxes; Reduce Immigration; Reduce Regulations

Set 2: Reduce Spending; Repeal Obamacare; Reindustrialize America

Set 3: Reduce Offshoring; Raise Tariffs; Revitalize Energy

Set 4: Reduce Redistribution; Reduce Lying; Reduce Government

There is even an extra R that we typically lump in with Set 4: Remember Mistakes

How can a conservative argue with this plan? Herman Cain is remembered forever for coming up with his 999 tax restructuring. The only thing RRR and 999 have in common; however is that both use three symbols. Even people that had not investigated the 9’s in 999 had an opinion of the 999 plan. It is very catchy and you cannot forget it. Just about everybody has heard of 999. Moreover, people think 999 is a clever notion and they enjoyed Herman Cain using 9-9-9 as the answer to any question regarding his program. So, it will be with RRR. It has all of those market attributes plus it is chocked full of substance.

Even today, any candidate who would choose to adopt the Cain 999 plan could gain some momentum just as Herman Cain did. Likewise, any candidate who chooses to adopt the RRR plan would become popular overnight with the people.

RRR is a contagious notion. It is both comprehensive and it is easy to remember even if you forget an R or two. It is a guaranteed success because America already has tested it successfully when we practiced RRR Mercantilism through our multiple industrial ages and eventually beat England at its own game.

The principles of RRR Mercantilism were practiced in our founding and it guided the country through its formative years as America grew stronger and stronger. The country that taught the US how to run our economic affairs is England. Now, unfortunately, both of us have lost our way:

Here is England’s Mercantilism trade statement from 1549:

“We must always take heed that we buy no more from strangers than we sell them, for so should we impoverish ourselves and enrich them.” With that the old England ruled the world until 1860 when this slogan was no longer its guiding light.

England abandoned Mercantilism and became intrigued with free trade. England abandoned the principles that had made her strong. Besides the US, Germany was a great student of Mercantilism, and coincidentally just 10 years after England abandoned Mercantilism, Germany began to excel in steel manufacture, in textile work, in mining and trading, in every branch of modern industrial and commercial life, and also in population. President Wilson in the early 1900’s noted that “German development has been … amazing.”

Abandoning Mercantilism almost cost England World War I. Germany was in the process of picking apart England in World War I, and was ready to succeed when Wilson agreed to help. Germany had achieved its success by practicing Mercantilism, which, of course they had learned from the mighty British, old England herself. Our help in World War I helped England avoid becoming a German Isle.

By 1860, England lost its standing in the world when it abandoned Mercantilism. By 1920, President Wilson, a progressive ideologue had begun to change the US from Mercantilism to pure Capitalism. It took a long time but throughout the 20th century and into the 21st, we dropped Mercantilism as our economic creed, and free trade became our national mantra. It took time but our economic power declined and finally, here we are with a debt that is now bigger than our total GNP. That is what happens when Progressivism takes a big ride on the slippery slope.

Eventually England was flattened by her liberal free trade policies. Mercantilism helped America overtake England as the greatest industrial power. England lost 50% of its economy moving from Mercantilism to free trade. By 1944, the English pound officially lost its role as the reserve world currency. The US dollar took its place

Just like we beat England when we practiced Mercantilism, unless we change back, the Chinese, strong advocates of protecting their home industries, will do to us what we did to England from 1860 onward. It doesn’t happen overnight but China’s ascendancy to become the most powerful nation in the world is well on its way. This will be China’s success while it is America’s shame. Shame on US!.

Like England, we will be remembered as a country that once had it all. We could have chosen a course that helped America, rather than just America’s largest corporations and third-world countries. Free trade and greed will be listed as the major causes of our undoing.

China is a major practitioner of Mercantilism. That is why our free traders lose everyday to China. Free trade is not good for America. Donald Trump preaches about how the Chinese whoop us in trade at every outing. Yet, every candidate for President including the current President is a proponent of free trade. That is exactly why our economy is stinking up the world right now.

Pat Buchanan sums up free trade as follows:

“With the abolition of tariffs, and with US guarantees that goods made in foreign countries would enter American free of charge, manufacturers began to shut plants here and more production abroad to countries where US wage-and-hour laws and health & environmental regulations did not apply, countries where there were no unions and workers’ wages were below the US minimum wage. Competitors who stayed in America were undercut and run out of business, or forced to join the stampede abroad.”

The American people, with help from anti free trade advocates such as conservative Pat Buchanan can quash the notion that free trade is helpful to regular Americans. It is not. It is certainly helpful to CEOs but they do not need help from average Americans or from the government. Write your Congress and your Presidential Candidates and offer your thoughts on free trade. It surely is not free. It has a heavy cost.

I offered the RRR plan to all Republican candidates for President and none of them took me up on it. They are on Obama’s side on free trade and this is very disappointing. I hope Mitt Romney goes back to his idea of fair trade and abandons free trade as it will hasten our recovery. At least it will forestall our demise.

RRR Mercantilism is clearly not something that free traders like. That is why the economy will stay in the toilet until we change the belief that America can lose in all trade agreements and still wind up a winner. When Hillary and Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, and Nancy Pelosi are for something, I want conservative leaders to be against it. So, far, just about all politicians from both Parties are for free trade. This is more like collusion than bi-partisanship and it is killing America because nobody wants to fix its biggest problem – getting whooped big time in free trade deals.

Free trade has not been fair to US citizens as there are lots less jobs and our average wages have decreased by 10 to 12% in recent years. Let me repeat. Free trade is not good for America. It is good for every other country that wants to beat us in the world economy. RRR Mercantilism is the right plan for our future success. It is our opportunity to regain world leadership.

The RRR plan is more than just Mercantilism but unless the US can again own its own economy, instead of giving it away freely to every third world country, as well as China, the full benefits of RRR cannot be realized. Even so, there are enough other good points that RRR can still help America in many ways.

As the US weakens, economists predict that the Chinese yuan, aka renminbi will overtake the dollar in the next five years as the world’s reserve currency. This will be more than symbolic. It will be a direct reflection of poor leadership.

Earlier this year, the French President, Nicolas Sarkozi, who is hoping to be re-elected this Spring, fired a big shot at the failing Brits. He said Britain was a country with ‘no industry.’ When will he say that of US? Can we exist with no industry? Will China begin to manufacture our war materials? Do we have a chance in the future without refocusing our attention to our real problems?

RRR Mercantilism is designed to solve answers to many questions including: “ How do we get back all the jobs exported in the last 30 years?” If we want to re-industrialize America, just like the Chinese, we have to protect our markets and support our domestic industries. It is that simple. The solution is called RRR.

RRR Mercantilism is the key to America’s recovery. It is not just one of the R’s, it is a combination of five major R’s and to a lesser degree, all of the R’s in the RRR program. Mercantilism is the one word short description for implementing at least these five R’s: Reduce Taxes, Reduce Regulations, Reindustrialize America, Reduce Offshoring, and Raise Tariffs. Mercantilism is in fact, the very opposite of “free trade.”

For those who are free trade advocates, as noted above, you can think of Mercantilism as anathema to free trade. RRR Mercantilism places the interests of the people of the United States in front of all other interests, whether they are foreign or domestic. RRR Mercantilism provides a way for all domestic businesses to be successful but its real focus is to make people successful because businesses are successful. Today’s Capitalism permits businesses to be successful even if the people in the home country are jobless. Mercantilism corrects a big hole in that logic.

RRR Mercantilism rewards businesses that stay at home to produce goods here and provide high paying jobs here. It uses a big carrot to encourage businesses to think America-first! Likewise, it uses a big stick to discourage those companies that would take even more than the 20,000,000 manufacturing jobs already gone, to a foreign country. The objective is for companies to come back to America because it will be more profitable for them and it will be better for the American people.

Analysts suggest that over the next decade or two American corporations plan to offshore as many as 40,000,000 more jobs. It doesn’t take much logic to see that would destroy the fabric of our country and eliminate most of the middle class. A country with no jobs is a lost country

When the 40,000,000 jobs get the call to be offshored, this time, the jobs that are lost will be the best white collar jobs that exist—engineering jobs, accounting jobs, radiologist jobs, and other highly paid professional jobs. Technology will help the supposedly American companies destroy the US job market if we let them get away with it.

You may know that in the US today, we already have remotely controlled robots performing Telesurgery. Today a human surgeon is still required. Picture a surgeon in New York City operating on a patient in Los Angeles through robotic technology and high speed communications. In ten years, if RRR is taken off the table as a solution, and we do nothing, will the picture change? Will we see a surgeon in Shanghai operating on a patient in New York or Los Angeles? I think so.

The warning is that American officials must stop the exporting of American jobs overseas. RRR Mercantilism is the answer. It is designed to make America the go-to nation again! Go-to nations get the jobs. RRR and Mercantilism are designed so that twenty years from now, America will not be known only as that country that provides raw materials to the manufacturing leader of the world, China.

Mercantilism is Capitalism with the rounding factor in favor of the home country, not the corporation. In our case, of course, the home country is the United States of America.

In a future column, we will take a deeper look at the precepts of RRR, one set of R’s at a time.

When you fly, they tell you in the event of cabin decompression, put your mask on first so you can take care of your children. The America economy right now is in decompression mode. As nice as it sounds, under the guise of “free trade,” we cannot be helping other countries get stronger than US while we have had our masks yanked from our faces by our own government. It is time for Americans to put our masks back on. We need an America-first Congress to help us get that job done.

RRR Mercantilism is our oxygen mask for both survival and great success.

Brian Kelly owns his own IT business consulting practice and is a retired Assistant Professor of Business Information Technology at Marywood University; he is married and resides with his wife of thirty-five years in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly believes that limited government spawns both liberty and freedom, and is running for Senate in Pennsylvania where he has been endorsed by the Independence Hall TEA Party.


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