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Well, that’s the end of French Pastry and French Champagne as we know it as the Germans had been imposing austerity on all of Europe because they don’t think that they are getting a bang for their buck on the Euro. Germans are sick of feeding the rest of Europe who sit on their butts, waiting for the truck from Germany to arrive. Knowing the press would blast her for taking issue with pure socialism; German Chancellor, Angela Merkel faced the challenge anyway and singled out Greece and Spain as the poster children of European lethargy and why the Euro deal is not working for Germany and the hard working German people. Sarkozy was trying to get France to man-up like the Germans. But, the French, like Californians in our Country, would rather receive than give.

So, unless the Germans learn how to make French Pastry and French Champagne, there will be none in France in the near future or in all of Europe for that matter as the French have decided to wait for delivery rather than DiGiorno. The Germans for their part are not ready to deliver without cash (Euros) on the barrelhead! The thought of somebody having to work for a living is apparently a repugnant notion to most Europeans.

In France, too bad somebody is needed to prune the vines, pick the grapes, mash, barrel, ferment, bottle, and then sell them; otherwise there would be French Champagne everywhere.

In France, Too bad somebody is needed to add the ingredients, mix the batter, shape the pastry, bake it to perfection, and display it as a coveted ornament for sale; otherwise, there would be French Pastry everywhere.

Isn’t that work?

Too bad!

What Frenchman in a socialist country would want to do that?

Those waiting to be served surely cannot be expected to work.

Brian Kelly is a business owner and former assistant professor at Marywood University; he and his wife live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly is running for Senate in his state and believes limited government brings liberty and freedom.


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Brian Kelly is a business owner and former assistant professor at Marywood University; he and his wife, Pat live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly ran for COngress and for the US Senate in his state and he believes limited government brings liberty and freedom. Brian's 48th book is titled, Saving America, The How-To Book. It is available at www.checkoutking.com and www.itjungle.com.

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