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How do I know there are 50 million illegal foreign nationals or more in the US today? Look around your neighborhoods. Who speaks English nowadays? President Reagan granted blanket amnesty in 1986—in an attempt to end illegal immigration once and for all. It made it worse. Since then, one to three million foreign nationals have entered the US illegally each year. If it were three million a year, we would have 26 years of 3 million or 78 million new residents. If it were one million, it would be 26 million. So, let’s split the difference and settle on 50 million. In your heart, you too know that number is much more correct than the 10 million we have been hearing from government for the last fifteen years. Government lies whenever it suits them. .

I have been studying illegal immigration and legal immigration issues for years. When I wrote my first patriotic book titled, Taxation without Representation, a substantial amount of the book was on this problem. In 2011, I saw the job shortage as a natural cause of the influx of foreign nationals – both legal and illegal. I wrote my fifth patriotic book after this research titled: Americans Need Not Apply! The fact is if you closely examine our government’s policies and the policies of businesses in the US, you will conclude that Americans need not apply! Why bother? In America, with government assistance, and not indifference, foreign nationals are the preferred hiring choice. As hard as it is to believe, it is the truth and the rampant unemployment of Americans in America is a direct result.

In recent years, the United States has accepted more legal immigrants as permanent residents than all other countries in the world combined. Our government is out of control on immigration. About three quarters of these permanent residents (green cards) eventually become citizens. The rest may choose to live their whole lives as permanent residents, though a few choose to return home or go to another country. Meanwhile, with this backdrop and more and more foreign nationals pouring in every day, legally and illegally, more Americans than ever are unemployed. What are Americans, chopped liver? Why don’t Americans count? Why does our government choose not stick up for US? Of the 1.5 million new non-immigrant visa holders (students, workers, etc.) that are admitted every year; only a small percentage ever choose to go home. How can an American ever find a job with such a huge annual inflow of more and more workers?

The US government is playing games with American citizens. For examples, there are visa types that are non-immigrant. This means that the foreign national holding the visa promises to go home when their work is up. This is not like a foreign national who is going through the proper procedure to be a citizen. Non-immigrant means that they cannot seek citizenship. Unfortunately, the government still permits such visa holders to apply for permanent residence so that they never have to go home. Therefore, they not only come in to take your kid’s job for as much as six years, they can have that time extended and then they can be granted permanent resident status until they gain citizenship so they can keep the job forever. Can we not all see a cause and effect between illegal immigrants not being purged at the work sites, and the extra friendly treatment legal foreign nationals receive to assure that they will never have to give up a job. This is why Americans cannot be hired in the workplace.

Some of our highest paying jobs go to legal foreign nationals on these programs and that is why our children, who are college graduates, are out of work from the moment they graduate. We will cover other aspects of legal foreign nationals taking American jobs in a future article. Foreign nationals, legal and illegal, unabashedly take good American jobs, and our government encourages it. All Americans need to know the problem is far greater than just illegal aliens and we must flood our Congress with letters offering our opinion on the matter.

This op-ed is about entry level / jobs that are classified as unskilled. These are the kind of jobs that you do not need a college degree to hold. Yet, many of them once paid quite well before illegal foreign nationals bid the pay down to sometimes lower than the minimum wage. Americans actually would like to have jobs in many of the following categories:

  • Maids and housekeepers
  • Taxi drivers and chauffeurs
  • Butchers and meat processors
  • Grounds maintenance workers
  • Construction laborers
  • Porters, bellhops, and concierges
  • Janitors
  • Farm workers
  • Fast food workers
  • Convenience store workers
  • Grocery / soda / pizza delivery

Starting from the point when a child becomes an adult teen, unemployment is at record levels. More than a quarter of American teens looking for work in the 16 to 19 year-old category cannot get work and are quickly becoming part of the hard-core unemployed. Except for a bleep around 1948, it is the highest level of teen unemployment since the Depression. On top of the bad numbers there is even poorer news. Fewer teens are entering the workforce and the high school dropout rates are increasing, not decreasing. An added burden to America is the answer to the question: “What do out-of-school, idle teens do?” I think we know the answer to that.

Teens have just about no chance at all of getting a good job—even a part time job—unless they are illegal and will work for absolutely peanuts. Even then they are rejected by employers for illegal foreign nationals, who will work for half-peanuts. Because jobs are so scarce for everybody, teens are also facing competition from adults, who now are much more eager to take jobs that they might have passed up a few years ago. Many adults have lost their major breadwinner jobs that they held for years. In today’s poor economy, the heads of household often must accept whatever jobs are available to be able to put food on the table. This puts more pressure on teen unemployment. The recurrent theme however is that many entry level jobs are taken by illegal foreign nationals, who have no problem undercutting the normal acceptable wage to get the job and to avoid deportation or worse.

Matching the teen overall unemployment rate is the summer job rate for 2012. Just one in four U.S. teenagers is able to find work during the summer months and it has been bad like this for several years. This is not only a low number, it is a record low, and the prospects of it looking better are not good at all. What American can compete against an illegal alien in the workplace when the major criterion is wages? Everybody needs some training so employers often make decisions based solely on the wage they must pay, to find somebody to do the job.

The jobs currently held by illegal aliens, such as in the fast food industry or in the seasonal work area, were definitely once what many Americans could count on as entry level jobs and even summer / part-time jobs. These introduced American teens to the notion of working while giving valuable work experience. Not having any teen work experience, contributes to many young adults remaining unemployed throughout much of their adult lives.

Not learning the proper work ethic as a youngster hurts again when they gain some employment. They are not as determined about a job for they never had the opportunity to learn how serious work actually is as a prerequisite for success in one’s life. They earn lower wages when they do work, and again they find that illegal aliens, who had their jobs early on, are prepared to out-compete them for better work.

You can find a lot of grumbling on the Internet and social media sites about the many illegal foreign nationals that are employed, and how tough this is on Americans. I have no idea why Congress and the Administration are not helping Americans. The blogger theme is that there is no intrinsic “right to work” in the United States for illegal foreign nationals. The bloggers are looking for government to take action but the administration and Congress continue to make it even worse.

Mexico and Ireland and many other countries, whose people are exported all over the world but most often to America, have big issues in creating their own vibrant economies. Yes, they would love to employ their own people but they cannot. So, their situation pushes people out rather than incenting them to work in their own countries to help solve their own problems. Americans would love to see opportunities provided for countries like Mexico in Mexico for Mexicans, and Ireland in Ireland for the Irish. Not too many are interested in providing help, when the person needing the help is holding their job.

Americans know that we have no moral duty or responsibility to solve the Mexican issues or the Irish issues, or any country’s issues but we would help if asked. That’s just who we are. US citizens are willing to provide charity but we are not willing to give anybody our country and our jobs. We must remember before we continue to overwhelm our invading guests with treasures that even our citizens cannot imagine or afford, that we are still in a deep recession. America has enough of its own problems inside our country trying to assure that there are enough jobs for our own people.

It is very understandable that Americans have a degree of anger against illegal foreign nationals as much of it comes from Americans not having jobs. Another part of the ill feeling comes about from what bloggers see as an “entitlement attitude” in illegals. Those who illegally enter America can simply give up and leave their country, sneak across a border and then expect to have their problem solved at our expense.

American businesses that hire illegal aliens benefit hugely from the cheap and unprotected labor pool, and so that contributes to the problem. If the government enforced the laws it would make our unemployment rate much better and businesses that save a dime on illegal aliens, at a minimum should be paying a dollar to the treasury as American taxpayers pay for their workers’ sustenance. Americans by droves are getting their backs up and more see what is happening as an invasion of job takers. Americans have the right to decide who can enter our country and on what terms and conditions. Unfortunately, government does not seem to see it that way.

Any sovereign country has the right to deport any illegal entrant. Right now the US is burdened with over 50 million illegal foreign nationals. The cost of deportation is overrated. It would actually save the country lots of money to deport the illegal foreign nationals in this country or at least assure that unemployed Americans hold the jobs. We need to start by closing down the work opportunities in which Americans can fully engage. Unfortunately, government has no such plans. Instead of policies to send them home, the freebies and the job magnet continues to draw illegal immigrants:

To have an America for Americans first, the Federal Government must impose penalties on those hiring illegal alien workers. Hazleton, PA; under Congressman Lou Barletta, when he was Mayor of this PA City, began a process to bring back the City to the people. Such actions are needed across America for US to get from under this huge burden of uninvited foreign national job takers.

When all is said and done, we probably do need a fairly administered guest worker visa program to allow registered unskilled foreign nationals to help in areas where there are no Americans to do the work. In this scenario, the foreign labor pool must not be given permanent resident or citizenship opportunity as a result. Come here and work and then please go home. Statistics show that just four percent of illegal aliens work on farms, so this is not even an issue. Illegal aliens take good American jobs and they are hired first for lots of business reasons.

President Obama has instituted a “Price is Right” philosophy on giving illegal and legal immigrants jobs in the US. “Want a job? Come on down!” Instead of searching for and finding illegal aliens, and then sending them home, the administration has given ICE orders to wait for those who enter illegally to commit a crime. Crossing the border illegally is a crime, but the Obama administration says it is not a big enough crime. If the illegal alien commits a second crime, and it is still not big; they are still not deported. The President has taken away the incentive for illegal foreign nationals to leave. This administration more or less has become an advocate for the illegal alien cause at the expense of unemployed Americans. How many politicians are vocally championing Americans in American jobs over foreign nationals? Ask them why?

If it is simply a motor vehicle violation or a DUI for which Americans pay a high price, the foreign national is OK – no incarceration and deportation. In other words, ICE must make a value judgment about initiating proceedings against illegal aliens without criminal records, who seemingly pose no threat to national security. If the people on the scene see no threat, there is no problem. It is like catching a fish and letting it go. Since this is how the government now operates, I suggest saving our nickels by firing all the Fishermen. If they throw the fish back, do we really have a need for the huge cost of the ICE fishing department!

Illegal aliens who need help are encouraged by the Obama administration to go for relief from their long suffering and apply for permission to work in the United States while still illegal. The probability is that they will receive permission. Yes, the Obama administration knows what it is doing. It has implemented amnesty by executive order. It could not get Congress to adopt or even consider amnesty because the people would be up in arms with the publicity. The national press gives Obama’s defacto amnesty no coverage and so the bulk of the people are not enraged and the illegal aliens stay and the jobs are lost forever. It would be nice if we could deport the national media right along with the illegal aliens.

As noted, there is a major call from Internet bloggers across the country to “slow legal immigration until Americans are working again.” One such place is the Fair Chance at Jobs website–www.fairchanceatjobs.com

Obama claims to want to increase jobs and he takes credit for anything that looks like an opportunity for a bow. Numbers do not lie. We are still short 500,000+ jobs from the President’s Inauguration Day. While taking false credit for fake successes, his administration’s policies encourage illegal foreign nationals to continue to come into America to take American jobs. Let me say it again. Any jobs program fostered by Obama is a fake program as he can find lots of jobs for Americans by having an Americans-first job policy that takes immigration and border security realities into consideration. Let the foreign nationals be the ones looking for the jobs. What is wrong with that idea, Mr. President?

We have a job crisis in this country and our national leadership is making it worse every day, every month, and every year. Instead of putting future generations further into debt, we could immediately free up millions of jobs by tackling immigration reform – true immigration reform, a reform that sends illegal residents back to their home countries, instead of the bogus Obama reform we call amnesty.

If asked, because he is a politician first, President Obama will say his top priority is jobs. Evidently, these are not jobs for Americans. Nothing is going right economically. We have the highest unemployment rate in decades with people being unemployed for the longest periods in history. Americans desperately need jobs. Yet President Obama is working against Americans by being lax on border enforcement and by basically eliminating the worksite enforcement of immigration laws. The President knows such enforcement always opens jobs for Americans. Do Americans count in Obama’s world? One surely has reason to wonder!

Barack Obama is using tax dollars to promote illegal immigration and it must be stopped! Tell Congress to DEFUND LaRaza!

Brian Kelly is a business owner and former assistant professor at Marywood University; he and his wife live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly is running for Senate in his state and believes limited government brings liberty and freedom.


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Brian Kelly is a business owner and former assistant professor at Marywood University; he and his wife, Pat live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly ran for COngress and for the US Senate in his state and he believes limited government brings liberty and freedom. Brian's 48th book is titled, Saving America, The How-To Book. It is available at www.checkoutking.com and www.itjungle.com.

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