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Are there not already too many government regulations for a regular human being to survive in the US? I have a lot of information about the negative impact of regulations that I will share with you in this article. There are a lot more than we can present here. It is intuitive that if the President of the United States says that he will put coal fired energy plants out of business; and then sure enough regulations come out from his office that make coal power plants too costly to operate, we have certain causation. One coal fired power plant after another is going out of business because our President wills it. When the PC does not power up or the lights don’t come on one morning, or you or I have no heat in the winter, we will finally fully understand the reach and impact of Obama regulations. He won’t care. The thermostats in the White House until 2016, when he runs for his third term as President, will be well above 72 degrees.

The Small Business Administration (SBA), the group ordained by the government to assure the success of small businesses; found that it costs small businesses $10,000 per employee to comply with all the federal regulations. Yet, they are powerless to do anything about it. The EPA and the other regulators have unbridled power over businesses and individuals.

Phil Kerpen and Leslie Paige, the media director for Citizens Against Government Waste, reported on CBN that it is easy to measure how much the federal government spends, but the more hidden cost is the damage all those government regulators do to the ability of American businesses to be successful . So, let’s look at a few more stats in that regard that are truly alarming:

“Each federal regulator destroys an average of 98 private sector jobs per year.”

“Each federal regulator wipes out about $6.2 million in economic output each year.”

“Amount of intrusion of the federal government into this economy and in the lives of Americans at every level, is very frightening.”

“Busy bodies being paid with our tax dollars; spend all day long interfering in the private economy at a huge cost.”

In early 2012, I wrote a book about getting rid of the most damaging governmental agency in the US. The book is entitled, Kill the EPA, I could have continued writing this book long after calling it done after 200 pages. I got the feeling as I wrote just a few pages that the regulations were getting ahead of my writing so when I hit fifty pages, the regulations were winning, and when I hit 100 pages, they were winning by lots more.

The government has hired about 200,000 more people in the Obama years to write regulations and to harass the public in many other ways. I am just one person. I had to bring the EPA book to a close or it would be a political version of a never ending story.
I received an email from Senator Rand Paul on the day I wrote the first draft of this piece. Because most people want to breathe clean air and drink clean water, they are easily convinced by the Obama propaganda machine that the EPA is the only game in town to assure that Americans are kept safe from pollution and evil corporations. Paul’s objective in the email was to get signatures for a petition called the “Defense of Property” petition, simply because just because you exist, breathe, and own some property, the EPA has you in its gun-sights. Here is the note from Senator Paul:

“ The Environmental Protection Agency is out-of-control. And your property could be next. Too often, our rights are being violated by abusive and power-hungry EPA bureaucrats, using threats, coercion and force to implement their power grabs. These regulations have hampered landowners’ ability to manage their private property as they please and have impaired job creation. Americans are suffering from the overreach of regulatory agencies such as the EPA. Our economy, job growth and private property rights are at stake.” President Obama loves the EPA and it is his favorite tool for keeping the US population under control.”

The EPA is the personification of pure government abuse. The abuse is endless. The lists are endless. Here is a very short list of some of the areas in which the government has overstepped its bounds and created bad regulations. Don’t worry. There are lots more still incomplete regulations in the pipeline, and so far, they look even worse. So, overall, please worry and please complain to your representatives.

Look at what we got so far:

• Obamacare – 2700 pages of freedom-limiting regulations
• One ply toilet paper on the horizon
• Incandescent light bulbs outlawed
• Sugar is a drug and will be regulated
• Farm dust is a pollutant and famers will be fined
• Exhaled CO2 is a greenhouse gas and must be eliminated.

This list can extend for several thousand pages. As noted, the EPA is the biggest regulation offender. The EPA would rather sacrifice you to Mother Nature than risk her unhappiness with your ill-advised behavior. Why should plants and animals suffer because of humans? While they have the power, the EPA wants all businesses that have employees who breathe out CO2 to go out of business.

If you choose to go breathless and die, you may be posthumously awarded a significant medal of achievement from the EPA for becoming a non-exhalant. In a non-exhalant state (death), you can no longer pollute. The EPA says “Bravo,” but your relatives may not be very happy even though the EPA would be quite pleased. Yes, this is a serious statement. Don’t expect the disease of regulations, which the EPA spreads daily, to ever go into remission. The only real cure is to change the leaders in our government and “Kill the EPA!” Government no longer works for the people.

The never ending story of regulations never ends. It is silly yet very costly! Who knows where we will find the next government busy body checking our expellants for proof we have neither breathed nor consumed something objectionable? Perhaps DNA tracking on toilet tissue can provide verifiable proof that certain Americans use two-ply and others use one ply toilet paper and the good can be rewarded and the bad can be punished by our government. Do we really want this government?

Some American citizens think that the war against the EPA is like a war against Americans because the EPA has convinced them they are good for the country. Many Americans wrongfully still believe that government works for them. Since the EPA advertises its good work on TV at our expense, and they look irreplaceable in the fight for clean air, the popular thought is that the EPA should be left to its good work. There is no good work. It is a perpetration of goodness.

The ads say the EPA does great things. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were true? Too bad the claim is not true. They do not. The EPA in fact hurts even asthmatic children that they claim to help in their ads. A month or so ago Conservative Action Alerts, a grateful help to all of us in the war against excessive progressivism, published one of my articles in which I expose the EPA as an agency that hurts, not helps asthmatic children. The most objectionable thing I found was that the EPA was taking credit, in the fashion of Barack, the savior Obama, for helping children who could not breathe well. The facts in my story will never reach the mainstream press. Feel free to read it by typing the article title into your browser: “Asthmatic Children: Pawns in Obama’s Reelection Campaign.”

The bottom line of this article is that the EPA forced the makers of inhalers to change their formulation to a concoction that is about 20% effective for asthmatics but it does not pollute the air, according to EPA officials. Scientists say the effective concoction, banned by the EPA, does not pollute the air at all; and did not have to be banned. Who do you believe?

Children have died huffing and puffing on this new “medicine” and doctors have complained to the EPA that the new concoction does not work for all their patients, but this is not in any ad or in any TV broadcast. If your child is an asthmatic and you know things were better before Obama or the EPA’s involvement in the process became the rule, go to your representative and insist that the best inhalers be made available for children who have asthma. I will tell you the ingredient you need in an inhaler for it to work for your child. It is banned by the EPA with no exceptions, even if it might save your child’s life. Is this the kind of regulations if any, that Americans are willing to accept? If a child does not matter to the EPA/FDA, can you imagine how little weight a coal fire plant operator would have.

The EPA chooses to abide by a 1987 treaty to protect the earth’s ozone layer. It bans most uses of chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs, which are used as propellants in many inhalers. The ban has a lot more to do with Freon in air conditioners than it does for the miniscule amount of CFCs needed to help a child breathe better. Unfortunately, the ingredient is banned by the EPA with no exceptions for medical conditions. The research began in the Bush Administration when it was not conclusive that the HFA replacement for CFCs would hurt asthmatics but the EPA believed it would help Mother Nature. This bad policy should never have been implemented as children suffer as a result. Obama can change this tomorrow and please a lot of doctors but he is apparently unmoved to do so.

The EPA ideologists think saving a miniscule amount of supposed pollution justifies the death of children. When a child dies huffing and puffing, is there an EPA official who visits the parents to inform them that their child made the ultimate sacrifice to please Mother Nature? God says man has dominion over nature. With the war on God being waged by the Obama Administration, it is no wonder spiritual guidance is cast aside.

For the few things the EPA does well, there are countless other situations today in which the EPA is clearly the perpetrator. You may think that my tone in this article is already a bit harsh, but that is because you are not Mr. John Pozsgai, who just spent time in jail because he was convinced the EPA was simply a caring organization. The omnipresent harassment of the government in the lives of ordinary Americans is not abating. It gets worse each day. When the FBI and the Army Corp of Engineers shows up on your property, you will know what I mean, but then it will be too late. Let me share with you the Pozsgai story that Rand Paul sent to me recently:

“In Pennsylvania, take the story of John Pozsgai, an immigrant from Hungary, who worked as a mechanic and eventually saved enough money to purchase the land bordering his home in Morrisville, Pa.

“This land was an old auto junkyard, and Mr. Pozsgai, taking pride in his home, proceeded to clean up this landfill by removing 7,000 old tires and rusted-out automobiles.

“However, the EPA did not view this effort as a clean-up but rather a violation of the Clean Water Act.

“You see, Mr. Pozsgai’s property was a “wetland,” ambiguously defined by the EPA as any property that has some sort of connection to a wetland. That connection to a wetland was a small drainage ditch located on the edge of his property.

“Mr. Pozsgai did not need a permit to dump topsoil on an isolated wetland.
However, the Army Corps of Engineers insisted he apply for one. Next, the EPA set up surveillance cameras to capture Mr. Pozsgai filling his land with topsoil. EPA agents then arrested him for “discharging pollutants into waters of the United States.”

“These “pollutants” consisted of earth, topsoil and sand. The EPA openly admits that no hazardous wastes were involved in the case, yet Mr. Pozsgai was found guilty and sentenced to three years in prison and fined $202,000. Mr. Pozsgai spent 1 1/2 years in prison, 1 1/2 in a halfway house, and was under supervised probation for five years. His family went bankrupt and was unable to pay its property taxes on the land.

Don’t say it cannot happen to you. The smallest businesses in the country are the ones the EPA likes to nail because they are mostly defenseless.

Small businesses in America are the ones really paying the price for excessive regulations. They consider themselves under siege. Near the end of 2011, when surveyed, 19 percent of small business owners complained their greatest concern and greatest angst is “regulations and red tape.” In this economy it is no wonder their first concern was not poor sales. That is an accurate signal that the government is the greatest inhibitor of economic prosperity since the James’ Gang. The government’s take of American resources is actually a lot more than the James’ Gang’s take. Jesse might be a welcome sight in some parts of the country today as even he would fight for the people against a grabby government.

All Americans are hurting because there is little job creation and the major cause of that, according to business leaders is regulatory excess. Additionally, regulations are not free. We Americans pay for regulatory excess in our cost of living. The cost of regulatory compliance is passed on to consumers. Why are prices going up when supposedly inflation is under control? The $4.95 cent delicious chocolate Bundt cake at Sam’s Club is now over $8.00. How did that happen if there is no inflation? Is Sam’s trying to get greedy? Or has US fiscal policy gotten so bad that the inflation rate must be determined by real prices, since the CPI statistics are an intentional government lie.

Regardless, we all know that things are way more costly. Only government lies make us think that we might be mistaken. Look to government regulations for the reason for the uptick in prices. Estimates are that regulations are costing over $46 Billion per year and those regulations in the pipeline, ready to be put on the street, will cost substantially more.

Ironically, oil in the pipelines is not a good thing but economy crushing regulations in the pipeline are fine. In case you were wondering, the cost of regulations under Obama v Bush is five times greater. In Obama’s October 2012 election surprise, I wonder how he will spin that one to assure he will be reelected. Maybe he will just lie. Will you believe him? Maybe he will declare war on Iran and win the hearts and minds of patriots with a convenient election time war and some great rhetoric? I hope all Americans are ready for a really slick move.

Studies suggest that cutting all US agency budgets by 10% would add about $150 billion to the gross domestic product every year and add 2.5 million a year in private jobs. Is that not something a “jobs” president should do? I think we need to cut out complete agencies to defang them of their excessive power. Kill the EPA so humans can live is my book’s full title, which demands the elimination of the EPA. Ron Paul has identified at least six other entire federal agencies for the axe. He believes we can find a trillion dollars in spending cuts per year. So do I. Cutting these agencies will reduce spending but additionally, it will reduce regulations, which are even a bigger drag on the economy than excessive spending. And, perhaps the biggest benefit of all will be that we rid this country of government bureaucrats, each making over $100,000 per year, who feel their job is to bring America to its knees.

There is one big problem however. Democrats do not want to cut a dime even if the end result is US bankruptcy. As a Democrat myself, I know that my Party’s operatives have not ever met a business crushing regulation that they do not like. There is this notion in government circles that the people will never pay to prevent a crisis so do not expect anybody to volunteer to take a hit. We have to change this mentality. Ironically the people will always pay through the nose to solve a crisis when the solution is well defined, but they will do nothing to prevent one because they do not trust the government. Do you trust the government?

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a Democrat but the Party that I joined at my dad’s behest when I was twenty-three years old, after two years as an independent, is no longer the real Democrat Party. Today’s inept leaders have captured for socialist / progressives what they could not do by themselves if they told the truth about who they really are. So, we have a bunch of real Democrats, like my great neighbors, watching the fake Democrats, the leaders of our party trying to bring the country under. Our intransigent leaders will not stop until we stop them. We have an obligation to identify the bad guys and vote them out.

The RRR plan includes an R for “Reduce Regulations,” because it is the answer to removing country damaging regulations. Just like giving up smoking or losing weight, we can only succeed if we really, really want to succeed. But failure is easy. Just do nothing!

Regulations are inhibitors to success. Can we not all agree that instead of success inhibitors, it is time for encouraging success enablers? Government agencies that inhibit success for America should get no funding and if their zealot employees want to work for nothing, so be it. Several months after the defunding, if there is one zealot left in an agency, we should send them on their way and give them a gift for their service.

I would suggest a piece of coal, perhaps in a stocking so it looks like a normal Christmas for them. Another gift might be a case or even just a can of Coke, which, as you probably know by now is outlawed in New York City, soon to be banned in America. Either of these tokens would be a fine reminder of their “success.”

The bottom line is that freedom and liberty are anathema to regulations. Can you find the word regulations in the Constitution? Getting rid of regulators will go a long way in getting rid of intrusive and excessive regulations.

Brian Kelly is a business owner and former assistant professor at Marywood University; he and his wife live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly is running for Senate in his state and believes limited government brings liberty and freedom.


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Brian Kelly is a business owner and former assistant professor at Marywood University; he and his wife, Pat live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly ran for COngress and for the US Senate in his state and he believes limited government brings liberty and freedom. Brian's 48th book is titled, Saving America, The How-To Book. It is available at www.checkoutking.com and www.itjungle.com.

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