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In the spring of 2012 we saw gas heading to $5.00 per gallon and many were wondering how this can be when the US has at least 3X the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia and the most coal in the world. So, why are we energy-poor? It is because government over-regulates US energy sources, and the fact that the President and his cronies on the left, hate fossil fuels. They also like to siphon off huge sums of money from the national treasury to give to their cronies involved in faux renewable energy plans.

Ironically our leaders are against every fuel that today helps power America. Sometimes it seems that the progressives, who govern the US today, would rather die frozen to a green poster in the dead of winter, than light up a log that might emit a “noxious gas.” Somehow the sanity test is no longer needed to enact energy regulations. Many of the decision makers would not pass the test.

How can anybody expect that a no fossil fuels policy is something that can keep America strong? China is building its economy with coal, which is so plentiful in America we take it for granted. The Chinese take nothing for granted, especially when they must import their coal from enemies such as the US of A. While the Chinese are buying energy from us that our government thinks we do not need, they also are beating the US in every economic measurement know to mankind. Which in history will be seen as the smartest country?

Why isn’t anybody asking about why the country with the greatest supply of coal in the world is happy with a second place finish? Since Obama is making it so hard for even power companies to use coal, the coal mines in America are now sending our coal to China? Are the Chinese stupid? I don’t think so, but the leaders of one of the countries involved in the trade are stupid. Recently American coal companies have been building terminals in the Pacific Northwest to ship their surplus coal to places like China since the President openly hates their energy product. If the US does not wish to be energy independent, China will take our energy indeed, so they can use it to out-muscle US in all aspects of international trade.

Recently I have read that the US government is about to regulate the conditions under which coal can be shipped to China to make it so expensive that US mines will not be able to sell coal products to any country, including the US. That ought to help the economy—reduce exports. There is something radically wrong with a government that would hurt its own people for ideological reasons.

Fossil fuels, especially coal are all we have that we know work for sure. The United States should thank God that we in America are blessed with such huge reserves every day of our lives. We should also be able to recognize the empty-headed notions of leaders in America who want to avoid the reality of fossil fuels for the promise of alternative energy. Too many progressive leaders have the dopey notion that fossil fuels are bad for America and they will do anything to support other fuels, that they perceive to be better, hoping to make them pervasive.

Just because solar energy works on watches and pool lights, does not mean it can heat homes as provide power for the millions of homes and businesses in America. If solar or geothermal or wind power were so good, one of the three would already be putting the artificial lights on in America when the Sun shuts all natural lights off at night. Average Americans know that the bird in hand theory applies to energy. “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” America can light the lights and heat the homes in America for hundreds of years without one more tanker coming in to our shores.

The Sonic Power Theory

If I presented my sonic power theory to the climate change crowd, conservatives know that they would be hanging on every word. They would be happy to believe, with no proof, just like “global warming,” that energy experts can create huge amounts of sonic power out of a secret sound that only green advocates have ever heard. Until now, only Richard Dreyfus of “Close Encounters” fame knew the power of “sounds”.

So, if “sound” is capable of producing so much energy overnight, why have we not heard about it? Why aren’t members of Team Green making it a national issue? The answer is simple. Nobody talks about sonic power as the savior of America because it is as ridiculous as the other non-forms of “natural energy.” The chances of “sound” energy taking off are as high as being able to have an ad hoc geothermal party at your house tonight. But, I am sure if we could have such a party; we would be able to get some molten earth from thousands of miles down to glow in your fireplace.

Almost all things are possible in time. With all of the fossil fuel reserves in America, investing billions in solar energy in 2012 is as ridiculous as bottling sonic power. However, with all of the research in solar, if we could make a solar industry successful out of thin air overnight, maybe we can create a sonic power industry. Is it just a matter of producing the correct sounds or is it an infeasible notion? Let’s say that US engineers are able to produce the beep beep beeps from ET, and we find that they can stimulate Trees and Sheep, Cockroaches, and Bumble Bees to volunteer some excess power to the US power grid. Would that be a good thing? Maybe it would. But it is just as ridiculous to expect being able to tether Cockroaches and Tsetse flies to turn a crankshaft than it is to be able to grab electricity from the beeps themselves.

Here is another novel science fiction notion. Suppose the sonic beeps could create an environment in which all living beings, including humans would bleed (not literally) as much as ten percent of their own internal energy through their pores in a wireless fashion to a destination governed by the beep pattern. Suppose again that an Obama Administration approved GE interface to the energy bleed could be used to aggregate and store the energy.

In this scenario, formerly imperceptible amounts of energy could be shuttled in from undefined sources reacting to the multi-beep pattern and then through the GE interface be placed on the US power grid. Think of the scientific achievement that would be. There would be no fire required because no heat would be needed to produce the energy. It would be a pure energy transfer. Of course the EPA would assure that no fires anywhere were permitted anyway, even if the grid, by accident were shut down.

If we cannot produce power from this sonic design alone, perhaps we can “dream” power in our sleep. Think of the potential energy release! The Roy Orbison song, “Dream Dream Baby,” can be played in the background until all the neighborhood transformers in the US are satiated with energy from anything moving in the area. Even a dog that once dreamed, that now is barking could release its energy to the grid, and how about those late night meowing cat fights that keep us awake? We can tap that too! What more could we want for America? We would get to preserve the environment and at the same time we would concurrently get to have enough power for all government approved purposes. Meow!

If we find that such energy can be attained with no pollution through sonic or solar or barking or meowing or other means, perhaps even that would not satisfy the EPA. They have been known to go off on their own. In fact, they may declare that the simple use of power itself for any purpose is bad for our health! In other words, we would be better off using the sun for light as well as energy, and that is that. If the sun is taking a break, having a Jimmie Dean Sausage at the movies that day, then plan on darkness for half a day and plan that the TV will not be working until the Sun is back on duty in the morning.

Ironically, in the existing fossil fuel environment, the one thing everybody knows is that coal, oil, gas, and other fossil energy sources produce real energy and not simply thoughts of energy as in the non-existent alternatives. My party, the Democrats is not as interested in reality as they are in proving that reality must change for their ideology. So, all of the fiction that I have provided about why we cannot expect the current government to embrace fossil fuels is actually fact or wishes of fact. No Democrat would object to any of the far out notions we have been discussing. I get a sense that I should apologize about what I have just written because this is a serious piece. However, the reality is that any bogus argument supporting the dream team will trump facts put out by Americans who want the truth. But, of course conservatives at least, already know this. Progressives will lie through their teeth and embrace goofy notions like sonic power especially if it is around election time and the time of disproving sonic power would reach well past the election. They think Americans are stupid. I know that not to be the case.

Ironically the people that lean left seem to have no issue with over-loaded oil tankers in the import docks on our most precious shores. It seems they would only be unhappy if the fuel were drilled in America and safely pipelined to its processing point. What would they do if the unspeakable, such as the Exxon Valdez crisis were to happen again? What if a few of these giant tankers ever spilled while in port? What would be the E-cost? What’s a little eco-spill among pipeline banners? Would the left then ban all oil from outside the United States as they ban pipelines from Canada and pipelines from US lands in which they will permit no drilling?

Does the Obama Administration wish that we were oil-less and natural gas-less? We have plenty of coal and so they have already banned coal forever for US use since its use has not been proven for heating homes when it is cold, or for producing electricity when there is none otherwise. Can the last statement be proven false? Why are the Chinese so anxious to get our coal? Can it be they fear that the EPA is about to signal that the mere mining of coal is EPA-unfriendly?

Some of US who have had to heat our homes with coal and wood products in fireplaces or Heatrola Units, wonder where a ban on coal as Obama wishes to employ, would leave Americans who will not choose to go cold in winter? Would we have to secretly burn our banisters and other unnecessary house supports to heat our homes? Would Americans be out every weekend stealing wood from the National Parks? Of course, in this upside down world, we would risk arrest if the smoke was pluming out the smokestack and a revenuer came by. Nobody from the government would be asking how cold it was before the burning began. The EPA would say. “Die if you are cold.”

Even though a large supply of oil comes from America’s enemies, the great American irony is that their oil tankers are somehow OK with environmentalists. Why is that? These tankers ship oil thousands of miles over pristine oceans to eventually feed our massive pipelines. Without the pipelines, the oil could not be used. If there were no oil coming in from anyplace, somebody someplace would be calling for the heads of the eco nymphs that are making life tough for US all. Nobody is looking to freeze in the winter and get cooked in the summer and have no lights at night when the sun goes down. Yet, the eco-nymphs would not complain if it happened to you.

Will the environmental movement ever get so strong that oil, coal, and natural gas are simply banned from use in America? Who would have thought the enviro-guys would have been able to quietly succeed with banning 100 watt Edison light bulbs in 2012, simply because of their incandescence factor? Will our government one day succeed in shutting off all fossil fuels as well as nuclear so we can be safer? What would we do then? Well, a friend of mine said if one ply toilet paper is banned, we can then safely burn two and three-ply as a safety rite to warm ourselves in the winter. What do you think?

Will those who perpetrate such a scam, the enviro-whackos, agree to voluntarily turn off their furnaces in the winter or turn off their AC’s in the summer? Will all lighting, TVs, and radios be banned? Some see this as the current President’s secret goal. They suggest that if we give Obama four more years, we all will know the answer. He is the master. Is it lights on or lights out? Which way do you think? I think if the same President is president then it is lights out for America. It is lights out for the country. It is lights out for us all. Let’s get accustomed to the darkness. Only God will be shining the light.

If our government really wanted an energy solution it would have already arrived. Only those not interested in a solution would be pretending to be looking. The solution of course is that the American government must ease restrictions on drilling, oil shale & other methods of oil production and distillation. Americans know that it is time to drill here and drill now and the RRR plan demands it as a precursor to revitalizing the Energy industry in America.

Since this Administration can say no in every language to anything that helps our productive use of the great energy resources already discovered in America, we need a new and brave Congress and a new President to get this important work done. While we are at it, let’s make energy a growth industry and take all the good jobs that this good change would bring to America. Let’s give the jobs to Americans. No visa holders and no illegal aliens should be permitted to get these great energy jobs. Some say a million new jobs would ensue while others think this is way too conservative. At least two million is what I say! The objective is to have a vibrant economy and lots of Americans making lots of money while the country has lots of energy. The revitalization of American energy helps get us there quickly.

Obama and the greens have unfortunately locked up our nation’s natural resources so that other countries know that they have an advantage against us in many more ways than those obvious to regular citizens. Matt Barber and Jared Barber, who both write for the Washington Times have chronicled that the US has 3 times as much oil as the Saudis plus enough natural gas reserves to last a century. If Obama or the next President permitted us to develop these sources, we would get plenty more than a million new high paying American jobs. By doing this we would be pumping bucks into a desperately deflated economy. In summer, 2012, just five letters prevent us from this achievement – O-B-A-M-A!

Would it not be nice to get some good news about some good jobs? Rest assured it will never happen with Obama as President as he does not really care about traditional Americans holding traditional jobs. Obama does care about taking your job in whatever industry and giving it to a legal or illegal alien, as long as they know somebody who will help him get reelected. I ask you all: why would a real American vote for Obama?

If on the best day in your future, you would prefer to have a tiny welfare check instead of a big paycheck and good health benefits from an oil company, I would strongly recommend that you vote for Obama in November. On the other hand, if you want a big house, lots of kids, and a huge recreation room where the kids can frolic, and a bigger than needed garage and a nice swimming pool, look to the resurgence of the oil industry and smile because you can be part of the new America. Then, thank God that he has blessed US. And, rest assured that a job in a successful industry can be yours.

You have heard the drivel that the US can never be energy independent. This is pure claptrap. Even the US Dept of Energy says1.8 trillion recoverable barrels of oil exist in the Green River Formation, which until just recently, nobody was even discussing.

The speculation is that in Utah, Colorado and Wyoming alone, the US can soon produce three million barrels a day, which is about 1/3 of our energy independence gap. More discoveries occur on private lands every day. Why does our President resent this? This same President takes victory laps for anything that can get him reelected since he does not care a hair about traditional Americans. He will take credit for anything he can.

For Americans who want a President that likes America, you’ll have to find someone other than Obama. Our current President is an anti-fossil fuel ideologue, beholden to the environmentalist whackos that finance his campaigns. And, every day of his Administration, he has been running a big campaign against America.

Barber & Barber, writing for WSJ say “Environmentalist naysayers simply have it wrong.” It won’t take decades to tap new [oil & gas] findings. “We can produce enough oil to free ourselves entirely from foreign oil imports in the next 10 years.” Others say it would be more like six years.

When should the US start our new energy industry? I say, “How about now?” Obama & Company have been aggressively rescinding good energy policies that had been enacted by their Potus predecessors to encourage drilling. Obama really wants less and less oil rather than more and more. He does not like oil or gas or coal. For election purposes, however, he is stepping in and suggesting it was he, not Bush or Clinton before him that enabled all the drilling that is making up for his lack of attention to the shortfall that he caused. This is simply an Obama lie and there are many. Does the guy who comes to the party late typically get away with taking credit for the party? Obama thinks he can. Watch him closely!

Statistics do not lie but the Obama Administration does lie. They cannot deal with the truth because if the American people actually knew the truth, Obama would not get reelected in a million years. Nobody likes a liar. Even other liars do not like liars. Yet, this President’s real record must be presented as a lie for him to have a chance at reelection. Whatever opportunities he had to make America right, he chose to make US all worse.

We all have heard the President defend his drilling record as he claims to have opened up millions of acres for drilling exploration in the United States. Is this true? Can we ask Snopes or Fact Check or Urban Legends, and would they tell us the truth anyway? The statistics that I keep seeing show that Mr. Obama should thank previous Administrations profusely for any gains that America is experiencing in drilling today. Yes, we include the administrations of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Before Obama thanks himself for any gains in oil production, he should thank these guys.

The Bureau of Land Management that is paid by the Obama regime unabashedly blames the current Administration for a decrease, not an increase in the approval of drilling permits by as much as a negative 36 percent. Clinton and Bush have numbers that are respectable and both are positive. Though nobody suspected that Bill Clinton was an oil industry go-to guy; his record shows that he cares about America with a 58 percent increase in drilling permits. George W. Bush increased drilling approvals by double that to 116 percent. Both look good when compared with Obama at a big minus 36%. Does this prove that Obama hates oil? It surely does not prove that he is responsible for the additional drilling. By the way, from one Irishman to another, yes, he hates oil.

I can appreciate the fallacies of an ideologue. But, why does this President think citizens should ignore his lies. The current President professes that it was Obama and not Clinton, and not Bush that created the upswing in domestic fruitful drilling? Historians will chart this in the “lie” column. Is the truth foreign to a person running for reelection? It sure seems that way.

Even though the statistics, which represent the truth, are not on his side, this President never relents. He distorts the truth to convince Americans that he is the best oil man there ever was, though he admits that he hates oil. J. R. Obama will make America oil independent. But B. H. Obama gets sick at the thought of an energy successful America. If we could only lasso the two of them into telling us what they really mean.

It just happens that the private drilling plus the permits from Clinton and Bush are paying off big time. America is producing more oil from America than ever before. If we ignore the facts, this makes President Obama look better than the results his own record alone would provide. Just like in the war effort, Obama is right here, right now taking credit for each move. He is always willing to take credit for the whole deal, regardless of how small his part might have been. Seal Team Six were anecdotal to the victory over Bin Laden as if it never would have been possible without the great warrior, “Obama.” When he fails of course, the same Obama loves to cast blame on people from the past. If the name Pavlov does not ring a bell, perhaps the name Bush, a constant source of blame may ring that bell big time.

What about more drilling? Will an increase in domestic production make a dent on oil prices? Obama says “no!” Most knowledgeable analysts say “yes.” If we looked at a map of current drilling sites in the United States v the amount of land that we “could” drill on, you would see that the numbers are huge. Our country, the US of A, could support a great oil industry as a net exporter of oil in less than ten years. Why should America and Americans not be prosperous with a viable energy industry once again? The biggest impediment to success is the government, led by President Obama, who simply does not want US to be successful with fossil fuels.

President Obama makes it extremely difficult for anybody, including independents to try to get a lease on federal lands even though 65 percent of the identified oil in America is on public / federal lands. The bottom line is that the current Obama government is not a friend of energy. Therefore, it is not a friend of the people. Why would a President, who wants everybody to think he has created mythical jobs, not want to create real jobs when given the opportunity? Maybe he really does not want to create any jobs! Is that possible? The only possible answer is that ideologues do not use logic for their decisions.

So, as we sometimes stare hopelessly at the sky thinking there is no solution to our dilemma, let us again remember our goals of an energy independent and energy abundant America. Now that we have identified a President that is not in tune with these energy goals, and a man who would rather Americans freeze rather than increase the domestic coal, oil and gas supply, is Obama that important that we should freeze so he can be reelected, or should we simply call a halt to the ridiculousness, and fire the bastard!

Brian Kelly is a business owner and former assistant professor at Marywood University; he and his wife live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly is running for Senate in his state and believes limited government brings liberty and freedom.


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Brian Kelly is a business owner and former assistant professor at Marywood University; he and his wife, Pat live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly ran for COngress and for the US Senate in his state and he believes limited government brings liberty and freedom. Brian's 48th book is titled, Saving America, The How-To Book. It is available at www.checkoutking.com and www.itjungle.com.

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