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On May 22, 2012, on the Fellowship of the Minds web site, a person known as Dr. Eowyn posted a comment with tongue in cheek. The essence of the post was that Mitt Romney had launched a “White Americans for Romney” campaign. You know that it never really could have happened because it would have received more news coverage from our corrupt media than if somebody threw a snowball at Obama and held up a protest sign. Yet somebody had the gall to write about this, without fear of reprisal. Check out this spoof and then tell me about the playing field. Is it fair for Romney?

The big post came out “On February 1, 2012, when Mitt Romney announced the launching of ‘European Americans for Romney,’ and called on all white-skinned people to vote for him for president this November 6th.” Maybe the Hispanics and the Latinos, who like to be grouped together, and who are anthropologically Caucasian, should find interest in this fable. This is part of what Mitt Romney is credited with saying according to the spoof on Some might call this the ultimate in pandering.

“Today, we’re announcing the 2012 launch of European Americans for Romney.

There’s no better time than European American History Month to consider the tremendous progress we’ve made through the sacrifice of so many—or a better time to commit to meeting the very real challenges we face right now.”

“Visit for more information about all the ways you can get involved—from attending HWCU (historically white colleges and universities) organizing workshops to becoming a Congregation Captain)… and say you’re ready to keep making history. Thanks, and see you out there!”

“Unlike the Lamestream Media, Fellowship of the Minds is at the forefront of cutting-edge news. Our fearless reporter, Lady Wendy, found a must-watch video of Romney making that historic announcement:” No, I won’t give you this link as it is fictitious.


“You mean it’s NOT Mitt Romney who’s launched a racist “White Americans for Romney” campaign?”


“It’s [really] our Post-Racial President, Barry Soetoro Stephen Dunham Barack Hussein Obama Jr., who’s launched a racist “African Americans for Obama” campaign!”

“And the reaction from the Establishment Media is:”


“And the reaction from the American sheeple is:”


End of inscribed story

The Irish in America collectively are a group of people that are rarely recognized as a group per se. The Irish, for example, do not have a spokesperson per se about the Irish cause in America though they once did with the IRA in Ireland. This is a lot different from the Hispanic / Latino grouping. The Irish receive nothing special for being Irish in America other than the pleasure of being an American.

Nobody of any specific ethnicity should receive anything special from government for simply being classified in a certain ethnic grouping. Any benefits they receive would come to them only from the backs of other American citizens who, as a group, do not receive favors, and are not inclined to ask for favors for themselves.

With that as a background from Part I, let us continue with Part II. Let’s revisit the people who might get the nod as Romney’s VP.

George Bush is not on the list. When Bush was President, he had his moments of brilliance. But, for those of us looking for an American approach to immigration, he was not a good president. He did keep us safe for many years after 9-11, and he deserves credit for that. For eight years he talked a good game about immigration but when you examine his results, he clearly chose to do nothing. One thing I liked about Bush is that during his presidency, I never felt that every decision he made brought us closer to communism or a Bolshevik style revolution of the proletariat.

Most conservatives know very well that George W. Bush and the rest of the political Bush’s are progressives at heart. It has been tough for the Bush family to promote a full conservative agenda since they do not walk the walk. Of course, President Obama is the ultimate Progressive and that makes him much worse than any Bush on his worst day. The Republicans at the top of the party turn their backs on conservatives whenever they can get away with it. They have a fixation with cheap labor and consequently, they do not really fight hard to solve the immigration problem in a way that would help regular Americans. They know that the illegal foreign nationals take American jobs. That’s actually why elite Republics like them for they work for lots less money. They also know that illegal foreign nationals are often forced to live in squalor and that creates major problems in otherwise nice American communities. But, the real Republicans choose to ignore the problems because paying an extremely low wage means big profits.

Democrats could not be any happier because they get no real fight on immigration from real Republicans. Real conservatives however, are not real Republicans.

While we are reexamining the Bushes and real Republicans, Let’s go back to the potential for a Rice pick as VP. Picking Condoleeza Rice as a VP, would simply be a dumb Romney move. It’s not a race thing or a minority thing. If I saw Secretary Rice giving hundreds of rousing stump speeches on the values of conservativism, renounce neo-con (progressive) values and also flip over to pro-life, I might reevaluate my position. Since there is no chance of that happening, my advice to Candidate Romney is to thank her for her excellent service and move on.

Conservatives want a VP nominee to be selected from a pool of real conservatives, not faux conservatives, RINOS, neo-cons, progressives, or anybody selected for their ethnicity. Conservatives would love to bring back the Mitt Romney from the primary election, not the Mitt Romney, who may very well rewrite his conservative biography on the way to the convention. We need to recognize that as happy as mainstream Republicans are with the Bush name, the Bush legacy and its name are taboo for Romney if he is serious about being elected.

I fear that conservatives will come out of nowhere to vote against anything Bush this time around because he did not serve us well. Bush cronies therefore are completely taboo. Neither of the Bush presidents helped the conservative cause while they ran the country. Real Republicans may love the Bush legacy but conservatives know that underneath their RINO façade, they are a bunch of closet progressives. At least we know who the Democrats are. Conservatives therefore are not looking for anybody from the Bush family or friends of Bush, such as Condoleeza Rice, to govern anytime past the Obama times. We’re also not interested in people named Kerry or Clinton or Mondale or Pelosi, or Reid, and there are other names on the “NO” list.

Richard Viguere, an entrepreneur in direct mail and an outspoken conservative sees it this way: “Condoleezza Rice is no movement conservative. Given her association with some of the worst neo-con inspired policies of the Bush era, putting Condoleezza Rice at the top of the VP short list is an insult to the conservatives, Tea Partiers, and independents that are looking for a break with the old establishment Republican Washington that Rice represents.” Amen, Richard!

More and more conservatives are taking notice to the continuous pandering that Republican leaders, including Governor Romney, are putting forth to all minority groups and of course immigrants—legal, illegal, new citizens, or whoever. The real Republicans can’t get it right that Americans are looking for policies that help Americans, not hyphen Americans. We are sick of the bending over backwards to specific ethnicities and selling out the interests of the conservative base while trying to up the Romney ante by a few votes. Give it up, please!

If the Republican message is not for all Americans, but instead, is for hyphenated Americans then that will cause a lot of conservatives and other supporters to lose enthusiasm. An “Anybody but Obama,” philosophy is not going to sell. It will be even worse for Romney if Republicans get cocky and keep up the pandering and show a “can’t lose” attitude simply because they are not the Obama candidate.

Obama has 1000 lives. He is the Energizer Rabbit. He reincarnates himself at will. Sarah Palin killed him dead at the 2008 Republican Convention and within a few days he was reborn and then Sarah Palin was willed dead and effectively killed by the corrupt US progressive media. Victory will come a lot harder for Republicans if they take for granted the millions of conservatives, longing for a great country in the future, just to get 1% or less more of the Hispanic / Latino vote.

There are about 88,000 Latvians, 300,000 Chechens, 10 million Polish, 38 million Irish and over 50 million Hispanic citizens of America. If Governor Romney wants to pander to a minority, perhaps it should be the Latvians as surely, with their numbers, they need help the most. Isn’t it hard to believe that 50 million people (Hispanic) were grouped together simply so they could be declared a minority? Perhaps the 38 million Irish should also be given minority status. My point of course is that we are all Americans, and we should all be treated equally.

Here is another big question, which we addressed briefly in Part I. Why is Marco Rubio being considered as a VP candidate? He is white and very handsome, but that cannot be why. We all know it is because he is of Hispanic / Latino origin but nobody talks about it. How about asking the best person in the US to be VP? Rubio is perceived by real conservatives to be a hyphen American in the largest minority grouping, while real Republicans see him bringing votes with him for the Republican ticket. I sure hope that is not the reason that he might be selected. Marco Rubio, an otherwise fine man has the least experience by far of any other potential candidate. Moreover, on the big immigration issue, Rubio is a fan of the Dream Act, and for whatever reason he likes to give favors to Hispanics and Latinos. These favors of course come from all other ethnicities that think of themselves as American. Conservatives are not for dividing America into ethnicities; we are for combining all Americans into a melting pot from which only full Americans emerge. There are more reasons.

Some think that Rubio is actually very close to Obama on the subject of the Dream Act and a free ride for illegal immigrants. Obama was elected with little experience other than the word “present.” As I see it, Rubio has the same problem with his resume. I have seen passionate conservative rants on the Internet such as this: “Let’s be honest: If Marco Rubio weren’t Latino, no one would mention his name.” The message is “Stop the pandering!” It is not working.

Mitt Romney should just pick the best person and stop looking for someone from a specific category? Allen West has upset enough progressives in my lifetime that he ranks # 1 as my conservative pick for Vice President. Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin are two other real conservatives and I would be happy forcing the conservative issue with either of them. Either would be great as Vice President. However, right now, there is nobody who is a real American as much as Allen West. I love hearing him speak about the American way. As a real American, bringing nothing but his strong, no-nonsense conservative values to the office of the Vice President, Allen West can help Mitt Romney and he can help America. That is my dream.

Recently Jeb Bush’s name has been promoted to be the Romney VP selection. Please no, Lord! No! He of course is a Bush, and that for now at least, should be enough. He is also a progressive neo-con. Jeb Bush panders to Hispanics even more than most real Republicans. Jeb Bush and both of the George Bush’s are progressive Republicans who hurt the conservative cause more than help it. Conservatives cannot afford progressives or neo-cons, or RINOS in government anymore. The Bush’s are not for Regular Americans. They give preference to Hispanics and Latinos. Perhaps this is because they have family members in that grouping. But, that is not a good excuse for pandering.

Just last month Jeb Bush was quoted as saying that the Republican Party has strayed too far to the right. Unfortunately, he was not kidding. Progressive Republicans are neocon RINOs that like to be called conservative only when among conservatives. Jeb Bush is no conservative. He is on record for criticizing the great Arizona law giving law enforcement officials power to stop and check the immigration status of suspected illegal immigrants. In Pennsylvania, and across the country, we see ICE Officials being handed illegal foreign nationals every day by local law officers. ICE inevitably tells the officers to let them go. This we know is against immigration law. So, why is Jeb Bush a proponent of the Obama immigration agenda? Does Jeb think we should just trust those in our country illegally? Does Jeb think we should just trust him with our country? America cannot afford a third strike on the Bush’s. So, I sure hope Governor Romney can work well with all of the birds in hand without being forced to go to the Bush. I had to say it. A bird in the hand is worth two in the Bush.

Whether it is Dr. Rice or former Governor Jeb Bush, the Bush name would hurt Romney if he is attached to it in any way in the fall election. With George Bush in office for eight years, if the Bush’s were for Americans v foreign nationals and cheap labor, immigration would have been a settled issue long before Obama began to get out his lasso to pull in the foreign vote. By the way, Jeb Bush said he will not run for VP for any reason but he had no problem suggesting that Romney pick Marco Rubio. Let’s stop the pandering and pick a VP that is known for being a great American.

As I check the prognosticator’s polls right now, the President leads Romney 66%-25% among more than 1,000 Hispanic registered voters surveyed during the April 16 to May 3, 2012 period. This matches what some call Obama’s muscular showing among Hispanic / Latinos in the 2008 election. The hyphen-Americans, who are not sure they love America enough to be called American, do love Obama. Perhaps it is because they are not sure if Obama himself is a lover of America. If the non-Americans and hyphen Americans are gravitating to President Obama, real Americans have a clear choice with Mitt Romney, who is a good man, with great intelligence and a strong desire to bring America back to Americans. Vote against the hyphens and for America.

Yes, Mitt Romney is weak among Hispanics. I suspect after writing this op-ed, I too may not hold most favored nation status. Romney is nowhere close to any of the presidential candidates from the last 16 years regarding Hispanics. Nobody has promised Hispanics more than Obama so forget about catering to this group of confused Americans. For whatever reason Hispanics expect something from the Obama stash and they recently have been rewarded by him with the unconstitutional way he handles Homeland Security. The best advice we can give the Romney campaign is to work on something else besides the Hispanic / Latino ethnicity. Those who like Romney already will support him but those, who do not, will not be convinced, even by reason to abandon Obama. So Romney needs to encourage more and more conservatives to get on the team and get out and vote for the only pro-American candidate.

The risk of pandering is greater than the potential for reward. It is not guaranteed to get the Romney campaign as much as 1% more from this “voting bloc.” Worse than that, pandering may make Romney appear weak and it may even strengthen Obama’s hand. The Romney folks should spend campaign dollars showing people that Governor Romney is a conservative. I would suggest that the Governor adopt the RRR: a unique plan for economic recovery and job creation; and that he direct that the campaign dollars be spent explaining to all Americans what it will be like being an American in the future. Instead of the Dream Act for a subsection of the population how about a ton of high paying jobs helping every American have a shot at a real American Dream.

By the way, since the above poll was taken, many analysts believe that Obama has increased his lead on Romney among Hispanics. It is old news that Obama decreed recently that his Homeland Security Department would block the deportation of an estimated 800,000 illegal foreign nationals under thirty five years old. More than eight of ten Latinos saw this as good national policy. The plan is to stop deportations and provide work permits to the children of illegal immigrants up to age thirty five if they attend college or serve in the military. So, the Hispanic / Latino community got a gift from Obama for their anticipated support for his election. I don’t think they will let the President down.

Obama is basically breaking the laws of the country and our Constitution to pander to Hispanic / Latino voters, and the newer American Citizens of this community somehow think this is OK. It is not! Favors of any kind to subsections of America are simply bad government. In this vein, conservatives ask the “conservative” candidate, Mitt Romney to please avoid any pandering. Even if advisors suggest that it will help your chances with minority groups, and it will not, it is not something that conservatives find as a good quality in a president.

Christopher Freind, President of Freindly Fire Zone gives a quick look at himself as a journalist on his Facebook page: “A free and unbiased media is the cornerstone of American democracy. It is time for the revival of that institution to begin.”

Freind writes that Obama believes that “government knows best, while Romney feels … that individuals are most qualified to make decisions.” Freind continues: “America was founded by people pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps, where investing blood, sweat and tears was, and still is, richly rewarded. Since the Republican Party is more closely aligned with that philosophy, Romney should have a leg up. But rather than capitalizing on that, he too often punts by trying to be all things to all people. And pandering to the Latinos is just the latest example. Instead of trying to speak Spanish or pretending Florida Senator Marco Rubio may be his VEEP choice, Romney should be explaining how the Republican Party offers real solutions to the problems all Americans face — Hispanics included.”

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney should not be catering to Hispanics / Latinos at all. Nor should he be catering to the Irish or the Italians or any ethnicity. He should let President Obama be the Panderer in Chief of all the splinter groups in America.

Conservatives would like Candidate Romney to be a proud and unapologetic American, speaking from the heart to everyone, not mollifying any particular audience by telling them what they want to hear. He must articulate why his Party offers the best solutions, not just for a brighter America, but a better life for all its citizens.

Brian Kelly is a business owner and former assistant professor at Marywood University; he and his wife live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly is running for Senate in his state and believes limited government brings liberty and freedom.


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Brian Kelly is a business owner and former assistant professor at Marywood University; he and his wife, Pat live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly ran for COngress and for the US Senate in his state and he believes limited government brings liberty and freedom. Brian's 48th book is titled, Saving America, The How-To Book. It is available at and

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