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I think that in the next several weeks when we talk, Mr. Smith and I will be working together to make sure he is the next Senator from Pennsylvania. But, of course I am an optimist. I know I won’t be talking to Barack Obama anytime soon. Again, I am an optimist about that too. The RRR plan will help Tom Smith attract voters by appealing to their sense of logic. It would do the same for Mitt Romney. It has the same attractive ring as 999 so nobody will forget it, but it is far more comprehensive and it is guaranteed to work. Like the old song says: it goes with reduced government like a horse and carriage, I tell you brother… something like that. One of the best parts of the plan is that as a successful America expands over time, the government will contract.

No benefits are headed to America if Obama style big government is permitted to thrive. Only government workers and the beneficiaries of redistribution will be happy. Big Government is the cause of just about every problem the country faces today. It is the problem; not the solution. Bill Clinton was heralded by the right and the left when he said: “…to reinvent our government so that it serves better and costs less, and to keep America the leading force for peace and freedom throughout the world…We will meet these challenges, not through big government. The era of big government is over.” Bill Clinton, a bona fide progressive knows that big government is a killer! What happened to that era? George Bush, a progressive at heart, had his own minor role in expanding government from the Clinton years but the Bush expansion was nothing compared with President Obama’s days as the country’s “big spender.”

President Barack Obama brought big government back in a big way. It is killing every facet of American life. Yet, he loves it and so does Washington, D.C. Obama is committed to not disappoint any bureaucrat or lobbyist in D.C. He will make government even bigger as it serves him well. The more people he can convince to become dependent on the government, the more chance he has of enjoying a third, a fourth, and perhaps an unprecedented fifth term. Just because today’s laws prohibit him from running for five terms, he has his own way of breaking Federal Law and the Congress stands limp and helpless in his wake. He has Eric Holder, his most loyal friend and AG, who will help him go for the unprecedented (since Roosevelt) third term, and judging from all of what Obama has wanted in the past; he will get what he wants. Five or more terms is not out of the question.

It is still a mystery as to why Bill Clinton continues to serve this President when the two appear to have little in common. As we already noted, Bill Clinton proudly declared that the days of big government were over but BHO must have been out of town that day. It is time for Us all to take a tip from the first black president himself, a.k.a., Bubba, and shut down Big Government. Let’s save the keys to the White House for somebody who loves America and Americans.

It is US v. them for real. Whereas the President’s approval rating in the latest Gallup poll is below 50% in most states in which regular people live, he is doing very well in the one place in the world where government lives, Washington D.C. Can you believe in Washington D.C., he has an 83% approval rating? Obama is popular with just about everyone in the capital. It is not just the black population of D.C. as most expected this would give him this edge. Obama’s government has gotten so large that the number of white bureaucrats that his administration has brought in to pad the bloated federal government has had a major impact on the ethnic mix, and it is not because the blacks are gaining as the majority. It is just the opposite. The black population of Washington D.C., during the Obama administration has decreased. For the first time in the modern era, non-Blacks in Washington DC are now the majority. The 83% that love Obama, no matter what, are people that work for the government either directly or indirectly. They take our tax dollars every day without saying Thank You, and they are not interested in the Obama gravy train ever being stopped.

They know that conservatives like you and me want them to go home and get real jobs to save US payroll cash and a ton of regulations. It is no wonder they are against US and for Obama. They work for the government and for government-related businesses. They represent the permanent bureaucracy centered in Washington DC. Understandably, in an “US v. them” scenario, they represent big government and we represent ourselves. Their approval of the President remains very high because they are in effect on the take. They take from US. Let US all remember that they do not represent US.

Big Government wants what it wants and it is so big it most often gets what it wants when it wants it. That is the biggest reason why the size of government must be reduced. The approach of today is government of the government, for the government and by the government. It can be much better if, as the founders hoped, we the people regain control. The less that the bulk of the people know about the history of America, the more likely we are to lose our country at some point to a government so large and strong that it can gobble up all of our liberty, all of our freedoms, and all of our rights! Will there be a time in the future that things are so bad that the people will have forgotten how our government, guided by the Constitution, is supposed to work?

All governments can become tyrannical and in fact, when they think we are not watching they do whatever they want. Their abuse of immense power is the very definition of tyranny. Big governments are the worst as they quickly get out of touch with the people. In our American Republic, the design is that the citizens control government. The larger the government, the more impossible this becomes.

People running a big government often forget their role in shepherding the institutions for the good of the people. Instead they permit the government to flex its muscles and steal liberty. Was it your family or mine that asked for the ban on 100 watt light bulbs? No; it was the government all on its own. Do you know why? They are so big they do not have to explain why—especially to peon citizens. Yet, all of US peons know that 100 watt incandescent light bulbs have been banned and now we must replace them with CFL bulbs that are actually very dangerous. Who has gained from this? The big government that we endure has showed the people that it has the power. Only by voting against big government can the people regain the power over government intended by the Constitution.

That is why proponents of big government, such as this Administration do not like the Constitution. Meanwhile of course, we are forced by our government to buy our light bulbs from China. Next it will be one ply toilet tissue with one sheet miser dispensers designed by Cheryl Crowe to prevent the second sheet from being dispensed for fifteen minutes after the first. Don’t laugh too loud. Mayor Bloomberg may suggest a half hour for NY City.

Government also believes we need to be protected from ourselves and that we cannot even take care of our own children. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors fought recently to ban toys served with the McDonald’s Happy Meal. Who gave government such power? Nobody! They simply took it. Big government does not have to explain its actions. The San Francisco Board could have used its time working on its crime problem or solving its street people problem but, instead they chose to take on Mickey D. Most of us would not have expected Goofy to line up against Mickey D! Oh, my mistake, that is Mickey Mouse; isn’t it? Yes it is; but it still is goofy!

Never at a loss to give all of America something to smile and snicker about, there is more from California. Back in January, 2011, California liberals were in control of their big government when they realized they could not stop anybody from buying a gun. The Second Amendment so far at least also is in force in California. So, the liberal progressives did the next best thing. They decided that buying more than 50 rounds of ammunition should be illegal. The right to bear arms prevails today unrestricted but the right to arm the weapons with bullets still is in jeopardy for Californians.

Big government doesn’t work. Not just for these silly intrusions in our lives but because government is actually focused on relieving the people of liberty and freedom as well as hurting the economy and our ability to live lives free from oppression and tyranny. Big government must be stopped.

Big government crowds out the private sector. Every dollar spent by government distorts the allocation of resources to unproductive purposes. Would you rather that you spend your money or that the government spends it for you? Big government requires a destructive tax system. It creates big taxes and steals freedom. The income tax is the progressive’s key to every citizen’s wallet, whether they need it or not. When they know where your wallet is, it makes the progressives feel much better.

We intrinsically know that excessive government creates deficits and excessive debt. We are living through it. The economy has never been this bad, though the F. D. Roosevelt years (another great progressive) were probably worse during the depression. Big government cannot sustain itself. So, when it chooses to overspend, its spending is financed by ever rising interest payments and debt for future generations. Or the Fed prints a few zillion extra dollars and the unseen inflation rate goes through the roof. If our government were held to the same rules as our households, it would be declaring bankruptcy as its next official act. And many smart economists believe that is coming soon. Perhaps the only answer missing about the US bankruptcy is “Will the bankruptcy proceedings be held in a Chinese courtroom?”

With just a wink and a nod our Congress spends at levels that violate the Constitution. Its spending is inconsistent with the enumerated powers. States, meaning the people, have the power in our country but the Feds, meaning the Obama controlled bloated bureaucracy are trying to exclusively grab that power from US.

When have you ever seen so many lawsuits with the federal government suing the States? The only reason this government can do this is that they have duped the Democrats, except you and me and a few other Tea Party conservatives that their Party in its present form (progressives) trumps the people.

Most Democrats, I submit, do not acknowledge that the real Democratic Party is dead and its remains have morphed into today’s de-facto Progressive Party. For some the good news is that by being a Democrat, they have become entitled to a charter membership for life as a progressive, as long as they mind their P’s and Q’s. For me, I would rather be a Republican, but I am not inclined to go there either.

Progressives love big government whereas Conservatives and Libertarians disdain big government. With its enumerated powers, the Constitution grants the Federal Government so much power and reserves the rest for the people through the states and local governments. Some suggest that with Obama’s attacks on the Constitution and the separation of powers, and the Congress’s inept response, our basic principles as a country have been undermined. Government is too big already and its growth threatens our very being as a free country. Some pundits have quipped recently that our Tenth Amendment may be a bit out of fashion these days. Yet, the tenth Amendment is a cornerstone of our freedom from a tyrannical central government. We cannot afford to give up any of our rights by whim or by design to an all-powerful government. The Tenth Amendment reserves the rights of government to the states and not the central body. It states quite clearly that: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” recently did a nice piece on the enumerated powers and the blow the Supreme Court dealt the country with its Obamacare decision: “In light of the High Court’s evaluation of President Obama’s signature health care law, it is worth mentioning that the Tenth Amendment should have an important place in Twenty-First Century America. The federal government has to have limits. This isn’t simply a question of the separation of powers between the branches of the federal government. This is a question as to how much power we the people will have through the local governments that we interact with most. How much should they control verses Washington D.C.?… The Tenth Amendment is the message from the Founders to us that Washington D.C. cannot do whatever they want to do.”

The founders understood that local knowledge at the state, county or city level should control the laws. They never intended to have a huge federal government.

There is a saying that we all have surely heard that money is the root of all evil. I would like to add a postulate that big government spending is the root of the biggest evil. It is structured to buy votes and not to buy public goods or help the people.

It is not that all government functions are bad. But, a huge federal government is bad. It is by definition, corrupt, and it is too big to fight and win without lots of regular people getting shackled or pushed aside. We can do lots better. It is time to cut government down to size. Each time we vote, we have that opportunity. Our vote is our hope.

Brian Kelly is a business owner and former assistant professor at Marywood University; he and his wife live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly is running for Senate in his state and believes limited government brings liberty and freedom.


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Brian Kelly is a business owner and former assistant professor at Marywood University; he and his wife, Pat live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly ran for COngress and for the US Senate in his state and he believes limited government brings liberty and freedom. Brian's 48th book is titled, Saving America, The How-To Book. It is available at and

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