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For the last six months, my articles and op-eds, and columns have had an underlying theme. In addition to life, liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness, my concentration began by analyzing what it would take to solve both the economic problem and the jobs problem in America. We all know by now that the President does not plan to solve anything as solutions get in his way of creating dependant Americans. The first step in the process is in identifying each problem. The second part of the process is to devise can’t miss solutions for each of the problems. Ask yourself, “What are the biggest domestic problems facing the United States today?” I bet your list (in no sequence) would not be too much different than mine:

1) Oppressive taxes stifle individual, national, and business creativity.

2) Legal and illegal immigrants take American jobs.

3) Regulations are choking businesses and robbing personal liberty and freedom.

4) Spending too much causes major deficits and creates a huge national debt.

5) Big government healthcare takeover adds taxes, spending; makes health worse.

6) America is now a de-industrialized, weaker nation.

7) Offshoring has stolen the best American jobs.

8) American corporations that offshore pay no tariffs to the home country (US).

9) Energy dependence on unfriendly nations despite having huge energy resources.

10) Redistribution of wealth and income encourages dependency on government.

11) Institutionalized government lying serves its ends & cheats the American people.

12) Massive government with massive payroll is too expensive, intrusive, powerful.

13) Government and the people do not learn from our mistakes

This is too long a list of problems for any economy to withstand, and we can probably add a few more items to the list. But, if we can fix these big problems, few Americans would not agree that we can solve our economic woes and create an environment in which jobs pour into this nation from all across the world.

With that as a goal in the fall of 2011, as I prepared to launch my campaign for US Senate, I introduced RRR: a unique plan for economic recovery and job creation. In the Spring of 2012 I wrote a book about it and during the active part of my campaign I gave speeches about the benefits of the RRR plan to America and to any candidate for any office, who might choose to adopt the plan.

You may recall that at the time, every conservative candidate was speaking a great game but nobody had anything solid to offer that had pizzazz and excitement built into their plans like Herman Cain’s “999.” The fanfare was so great that many of us could have become convinced that 999 would be the next cure for insomnia or even halitosis. As much as a restructuring of our tax system is important for economic recovery, Herman Cain’s 999 address just one of Romney’s 59 points, and it addressed just part of item one from the domestic problems list shown above. Yet, nobody denied that it was simply brilliant as a marketing concept. Out of nowhere, almost overnight, the former Burger King and Godfather Pizza executive was known to all Americans.

Even without 999, we know logically that taxes can be reduced simply by reducing the rates that are in effect in the out-of-touch 75,000 page tax code but clearly a proper code restructuring would help even more. However, Cain’s winning strategy had more to do with a lot of pizzazz and his persona always comes to the stage with a lot of moxie. 999 reflects that pizzazz and that moxie, and that makes it likeable even if it Is not understood. Cain’s people knew that 999 was a public relations, marketing winner, just like the RRR plan can be.

Herman Cain showed us all that if we take a good solution and we add some panache and some zip, and some spunk, splash, and zest to the mixture, soon the whole world will take notice and we will have ourselves a great solution. Everybody and their brothers and sisters all of a sudden knew about 999. We’ll get back to the zing and the elan and the boldness factors after we take another quick look at the original RRR from an inside-out perspective.

Cain was right. The tax structure needs to be totally realigned to suit the needs of the country and to not be punitive to the citizenry. But, a winning candidate can make better progress with a lot more than just one great idea, though I admit that hope and change somehow was enough to give us Barack Obama for four years.

When my good friend, Bill Kustas, a WWII Army Vet and a retired union officer from the local VA Hospital, got wind of Paul Ryan being the VP on the Romney ticket, he came up with an RRR plan of his own. He knew all about Readin, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic and he joked with me that was his RRR plan. But, with the gleam that I saw in his eye, I knew he had more coming. His RRR slogan is “Reagan, Romney, and Ryan.” Those three R’s are really catchy in the same fashion as 999. The R’s just roll off the tongue. Nobody can deny how great that sounds. His point of course is that nobody could ask for better leadership than that trio.

Independently, when my wife Pat heard about Paul Ryan taking on the role of Vice Presidential Nominee on the Romney ticket, having lived through my own RRR days, when I first formulated RRR as a way to dig America from its slump, Pat suggested her own RRR Plan. Hers also has a great ring to it and in its current form; it is an acronym that could really catch on for the Romney campaign if they choose to adopt it. Her RRR plan, and she says this with a beautiful smile, is Romney, Ryan, and Reform. Who can argue with that?

So, how good can it get if we take the leadership of Reagan, and we add the precepts of the original RRR plan, and we present these two great candidates, Romney and Ryan, to the world under the RRR mantra—Romney, Ryan, and Reform. Sounds like where many of us have wanted to go for an awful long time. I bet it would put a big smile on Herman Cain’s face to boot.

Since I finished the RRR book in March, under one fancy title or another, I have been explaining the precepts of RRR: a unique plan for economic recovery and job creation. Conservative Action Alerts has been posting one or two op-eds a week about the original RRR plan masked in various scintillating and ebullient titles. Twelve R’s address one by one the twelve domestic issues identified above. The R”s are packaged in four sets of three R’s — R-R-R. These have all been fully explained in various articles except the last, which is Remember Mistakes. This piece is finished but I am holding it until next week so that I can offer this commentary about a totally new set of Rs as a front for the inimitable and original RRR plan.

To see the full original RRR plan spelled out in all its splendor, feel free to take the contributors link on the main page of Conservative Action Alerts (; page down looking for my mug shot with the name Brian Kelly on it, and then pick the “view all articles” button. Most of the articles expound on the virtues of the RRR plan.

In summary form, the RRR plan is listed below in threes. Each set of three represents three Rs, in the RRR package. There are four sets. When you go through the four sets, you will notice that there is one “R” left. I threw it in as a bonus. You can read about it next week.

Here is the shortest description of the most comprehensive plan for economic recovery and job creation that you will find anywhere. No candidate either now or in the primary election season took as thorough a look at all of what is needed to turn America around. The good news is that when Romney and Ryan offer their Reform RRR package to the public, the underlying grassroots elements of the package can very well be the original RRR plan. Let’s hope so.

Here are the four full sets of the original RRR plus one Each one solves an identified domestic problem from the list put forth at the top of this op-ed.

Set 1: (1) Reduce Taxes; (2) Reduce Immigration; (3) Reduce Regulations

Set 2: (4) Reduce Spending; (5) Repeal Obamacare; (6) Reindustrialize America

Set 3: (7) Reduce Offshoring; (8) Raise Tariffs; (9) Revitalize Energy

Set 4: (10) Reduce Redistribution; (11) Reduce Lying; (12 Reduce Government

The extra R that I typically lump in with Set 4 is (13) Remember Mistakes

When you look at Governor Romney’s fifty-nine points of reform, and you then add in the specifics of Paul Ryan’s debt, deficit, Social Security and Medicare reform, and now the original RRR plan, there is no better and no more complete package for economic success and job creation. The Romney, Ryan & Reform package as it stands is pretty darn good. When it is repackaged as the original RRR plan, it is the whole enchilada. It is the all-in-one solution for America. It is guaranteed to work if those candidates that are brave enough to do it all. Let’s encourage Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan to sign up for RRR. America will be forever thankful.

In Part II this coming Thursday, we will tell you why the mere addition of the three letters RRR to the Romney and Ryan ticket will bring it instant positive recognition and set it up for great success. Great success of course means a victory in November.

Brian Kelly is a business owner and former assistant professor at Marywood University; he and his wife live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly is running for Senate in his state and believes limited government brings liberty and freedom.


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Brian Kelly is a business owner and former assistant professor at Marywood University; he and his wife, Pat live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly ran for COngress and for the US Senate in his state and he believes limited government brings liberty and freedom. Brian's 48th book is titled, Saving America, The How-To Book. It is available at and


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