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Try as they may, Democrats have to lie to suggest that Mitt Romney did not earn his own wealth. Even though it is not true, Democrats persist in trying to demonize Romney for being successful. Thankfully, most Americans see through their ruse. When the Romney family came to the US from Mexico, they were penniless. But they were smart and they believed in a great education. Mitt Romney is blessed with an innate understanding of business, and a great gift that enables him to take nothing and make something out of it. Mitt Romney and his father achieved their success by relying on innovation and thinking outside the box. The Romney’s are not conformists. The Romney’s started with zero and worked hard for every penny that they earned. Additionally, they earned their paychecks honestly and engaged in honest businesses. Like many traditional American families, the son, Mitt, not only matched the success of his father, he exceeded it.

Unlike the Democratic millionaire superstars, who all have a common biography—born with a silver spoon in their mouth and enjoying old wealth and family connections—Mitt  Romney came into the world with none of these advantages. In fact, Romney is more like the rest of us than any of the Democratic presidents. He too had to work for a living.

Most Americans, me included, have never been close to being rich. That’s OK! Many of our later generations have been blessed with far more than our first and second generation fathers and grandfathers. Despite our past success, we are all hurting today from the bad policies of an inexperienced President, presiding over the longest recession since the Great Depression. Even Obama knows that the spending and the give-away policies of millionaires Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barney Frank caused the financial meltdown. It was not Bush at all. However, Obama likes to hide the truth from Americans to help his reelection chances. Blaming Bush is much more convenient, and all of the non-thinking progressives believe whatever Obama says.

After the original meltdown, this congressional trio plus Obama brought unemployment to over 8% for 43 straight months from just 4.6% when the progressives took over the Congress in the last two years of the Bush Administration.  Though Obama, had four years to get us on the right path, the economy is still in the toilet, but the blame has never shifted from Bush to a man who could handle an issue. Our “incomplete” President instead chooses to blame everybody within eyeshot or earshot, but he never blames himself.  He goes so far as baiting Americans to wage a class war against the rich and to hate the most successful people in our country. Being a millionaire himself, Obama forgets that all Americans are striving for the success he too has achieved, yet now condemns.

Perhaps our deified President did not spend enough time in the mainland to realize that real Americans begrudge nobody their deserved success or their accumulated fortunes. To each his own! The American Dream, after all is for all Americans to achieve their own fortunes.  What good would it serve to tax our individual success at such a high rate that Americans would be discouraged from being successful?  Would we not all be fools if we did not want our taxes cut?

Yet, this President speaks to us like as if we should prefer to turn our paychecks over to faceless government bureaucrats for redistribution, rather than spend them ourselves on things we decide. In fact, Obama is so sure that we are fools that he has begun to joke about tax cuts like as if he can convince sane and prudent people that keeping their earnings for their families is a bad thing. He thinks that feeding a bloated, out of control, government gone wild is the smart thing to do. Smart Americans know the President is wrong. Giving a dime to Washington helps as much as throwing it down the sewer.

And, the notion of giving your fair share to government is ridiculous. The government already takes too much from all taxpayers. Government is not designed to be a charity. Give your fair share to charities such as the United Way, please. But, willfully donating anything to our wasteful government is foolsplay.

With a federal debt now heading for $17 trillion and projected deficits exceeding $1 trillion a year forever, over-spending is on track to destroy our nation.  Recent history tells us that the federal government cannot control costs or live within a budget. In fact, it cannot even pass a budget. So, why would anybody want to hand more of their earnings over to a bunch of wild spending and misguided bureaucrats? Nobody with any sense trusts this hapless government to spend more wisely than they can spend themselves.

It always helps to remember that nobody ever got a job from a poor person.

Without the rich, America would be nothing but a third world country. We should thank God that the rich still continue to choose to live, work, and operate businesses in America. Though too many have chosen to become ex-patriots because they are sick of being abused by leaders who do not appreciate their contributions, this is not good for America.  I entreat the rich who are preparing to leave America to give our country another chance. Obama is not like most Americans, and hopefully he will soon be gone. I thank the rich every day for the many things they do. I owe my College Education to nameless and faceless rich people who paid for my education. Thank you.

Like many my age, I asked my father if he could help me with my college tuition at King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, PA in 1969 when tuition was just $950.00 per year. Can you believe that tuition? My dad said I could continue living at home without paying room and board.  That was a great start.

Rich people had given King’s College an endowment that they could use to help students pay for college. It was not government. It was private citizens who did not have to contribute a dime but chose to do so. Rich people contribute much of their wealth while they are alive and even after they pass on to charitable organizations and educational institutions. Why do we not, as a nation, thank the rich, instead of revile them for not throwing enough of their salt in the pot? Many of us have benefited from the goodness of the rich even when the rich take no credit for their giving.

Because of generous rich people, I was able to sit for a King’s Academic Scholarship test. From this fund, I received a 400.00 per year scholarship.  Since that amount was not enough to cover my tuition, King’s offered me a $500.00 National Defense Student Loan, which I paid back as soon as I could upon graduation. The loan funding again was from rich people who paid a disproportionate share of their incomes in taxes. I was still $50.00 short but I knew I was going to go to King’s one way or another. King’s then offered me a job for $1.25 per hour, the minimum wage, working as a full-time janitor in the summer and 15 hours per week part-time during the school year.  It was not a freebie. I washed floors, cleaned steps, cleaned classrooms, scraped gum from under desks and tables, etc. King’s paid 10% of my salary and the Federal Work-Study fund, subsidized by rich people’s taxes paid the other 90%. Thank you to all who contributed.

I would never have finished college without the help of rich people. Some gave their donations to King’s directly of their free will, while these and other rich people paid the rest through their taxes to the government. I like rich people for their charity to Americans to this day. Somebody in all societies is rich. The beauty of America is that through hard work and good decisions, we can all become rich, and we too can become benefactors for those less fortunate, without having government as a middle man. Reaching the top is a big part of the American Dream. Why Obama vilifies that notion is puzzlement to me.

Some rich people are not quite as generous and they choose to help the poor by taking the earnings of others to fulfill their charitable obligations. I admit that. But, the majority of the rich are very generous. They just don’t talk about it and they prefer to give directly rather than give to the government. You may know that Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden, his wife, in their combined tax return, just before Joe became the US VP gave little more than $300.00 to charity per year in total. Check out their tax return. It is literally better than nothing but not by much.  Many of my peers and many of you give many times that amount if not more. My peers are not rich but they are kind and generous. Obama does not give much more than Biden but he does give a higher percentage of his income to charity. Obama’s personal giving is reported to be about 1% of his income.

Yet, Obama, a tightwad as far as charitable ventures go, wants to take your taxes and do what he wants with them to help Obama. He pretends it is for the poor. If the President were actually a truly charitable man, he would use his own money and he would help his half-brother George. He doesn’t even take care of “poor George.”  Obama’s brother lives in a one person sized hut in the squalor of the raw sewage and garbage in the slums of Nairobi. Obama doesn’t talk much about George because George actually thinks like most Americans and does not expect anything from his brother. “He has his own family,” says George, explaining away his brother’s indifference to his plight. Too bad George Soros did not take a liking to George Obama instead of brother Barack.

Unfortunately, the older brother ignores George’s needs. Yet, the same person has the gall to joke about tax cuts that all regular Americans need. Obama does not need the tax cuts because he is funded by somebody who is rich, and from whose coattails, somehow, he too magically has become a multi-millionaire.

Not only does Obama choose not to help his younger brother, he has no respect for working people anywhere and he has full intentions to redistribute as much of their income as possible. The President is a taker and not a giver. That is why even those expecting that he would be giving “stuff” away from his “stash” upon election, have been disappointed. Who do you think gets the earnings the Obama government confiscates and redistributes? It goes to people whose votes the President can buy and who will thank and praise Obama for the favor eternally. Obama takes our money, gives it to others, and then he basks and grins and takes all the good will that he can. Hmmm!

Though this essay is mostly about Obama’s mocking the notion that all Americans need tax cuts, let’s check out how Mitt Romney fares in the charity area. To make this expose’ even more exciting, let’s compare it with the President’s propensity to be charitable with his own money.

You remember Mitt Romney don’t you? He’s the guy that Obama wants us to think is the poster boy for the nasty and greedy rich. Obama would like to get you to hate Romney and he does his best to adjust your thinking every day. He works to get you to wage your own war against the rich. Like most proselytizations of Obama, his attempts to convince us all that Romney is a real bad guy are fraught with the fodder that fact checkers dream about.  And the lies go on and on and on. If Obama’s target were himself rather than Romney, the fact checkers would be having nightmares as Obama, does not have enough charity in him to be worthy of tying Mitt Romney’s shoelaces.

Compared to the rounded up 1% in charity that Obama gives from his heart to everybody except brother George, Mitt Romney is doing quite well. If Obama actually has a stash, he keeps it for Michelle and the family whereas Mitt Romney gives a large part of his stash to charity.

For example, as all members of his church, Romney pledges a whopping 10% of his earnings to the church. That is 10 times higher as a percentage than Obama’s total giving. But, that is not enough for Mitt Romney. In 2011 as an example, he donated 19% of his income to charitable causes. That is 19 times more than Obama and hundreds of times more than Biden.

When you give to charity, as we all know, your effective tax rate goes down so the disingenuous Barack Hussein Obama calls the press’s attention to Romney’s tax rate. Obama can lower his tax rate also if he chooses to up his charitable ante.

Many of us have seen the email circulating in which even the liberal Snopes couple agrees that Romney is the real deal. The verified email highlights the non-cash charitable work of Mitt Romney. For example, early in life, for a whole year, Romney volunteered in his dad’s gubernatorial campaign. Not a cent! But, just like my dad when I went to college, George Romney helped his kid in as many ways as he could. Mitt Romney was also an unpaid intern in the Governor’s office for eight years. He was a Mormon missionary in Paris for two years and an unpaid Bishop in his church for ten years. One thing is common in his public service; he did not take a salary. I wonder if President Obama took a salary in his multiple roles as a community organizer.

When Obama rescued the Olympics, again, Obama took no salary. Whoops! Wrong guy! Of course Obama took no salary because he never did anything as spectacular as rescuing the US Olympics from failure.  Yet, Obama is pleased as punch to mock any and all of Romney’s achievements. Did Obama also rescue the Olympics?  You can bet if Obama could put the Olympics in his accomplishments column, he would be bragging about it forever. But it was Romney, quietly as the hero again, with no fanfare and no salary. When Romney was governor of Massachusetts; you guessed it, he took no salary. On top of all the good that Obama says is bad about Romney, especially those who say Romney came from wealth and it was all easy for him, consider this one little fact that Obama and the demonizing Democrats have missed. Romney donated his entire inheritance to charity.

Like it or not, Romney is a self made man worthy of being admired as a good American. We should all give the governor kudos for being a great American. Instead, for political expediency, Obama makes things up about this man, and puts him down like as if he was a nothing. For twenty-eight years, even when he was not so successful, Romney did not take a salary when doing the public’s work. Yes, Romney is a millionaire for sure because he did it the old fashioned way. He earned it. Can millionaire Obama say the same? Ask him.

All I know is what I hear Obama say, and he says an awful lot and most is negative. He sure likes to mock real achievers and for my money, little though it may be, such behavior is beneath the dignity of the office of the Presidency.

Democrats and their friends in the US media love to demonize anything that can hurt progressives, including this President. The entire media is like a kennel of lapdogs trying to please the master. They expect to always be able to dupe America and Americans. Their following is so loyal that they often succeed, except for a few independent thinking break-aways. The Progressives expect you and me to fall in line and believe their malicious blather.  Their latest theme is that tax cuts are actually bad for taxpayers. Isn’t that insane?  They want all Americans to let the government spend our money.

Consider how incongruous this notion is to good thinking. Yet, at the DNC convention, the Obama Lemmings stood and cheered as the President spewed his venom both against a man of good will, and a nation in great need of true leadership. Do they really want their taxes to go up? Since calling the President a liar is disrespectful of the office, let’s just say from what I saw, Obama is a very clever Prevaricator in Chief.

Will this new demonization of those who do not donate all to government, cause the Lemming Progressives to begin to scream in the streets: “Tax me, Tax me, Tax me… oh please Tax me.” Somebody should write a song about that!

Obama’s new joke is not just against Romney; it is against all Americans who want to keep their hard earned paychecks and starve the government; instead of feeding a bloated government and starving themselves. Obama knows what he is doing and he thinks he will get away with it. He thinks that with his wiliness and his unabated charm, he can convince all Americans that low taxes are actually unpatriotic and bad for the country. The corollary of course is that big government can spend your money better than you can. Rational people will not buy the argument but those more hopeful than rational just may.  Here is vintage Obama from the DNC Convention:

“All they’ve got to offer is the same prescriptions that they’ve had for the last 30 years:  tax cuts, tax cuts, gut some regulations — oh, and more tax cuts, he said. Tax cuts when times are good, tax cuts when times are bad, tax cuts to help you lose a few extra pounds   tax cuts to improve your love life — I — it’ll cure anything, according to them, …..  Feel a cold coming on? Take two tax cuts, roll back some regulations and call me in the morning,” Obama mocked. He mocked Romney and all Americans thinking we are all too dumb to see the truth.

Ironically, while mocking Romney and the American people, Obama also was mocking the spirit of JFK. Way back in 1963, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, a Democrat, though nothing like the liberal progressives of today, knew that rich people were the economic engine of America.  He knew that the rich needed to keep some of their earnings to expand their businesses and hire new workers.  President Obama is no JFK, and he never will be. Obama does not understand economics, but he does know how to put down honest efforts to do the right thing for America.

JFK reduced the tax rate of the wealthy from a punishing 91 percent and he reduced the corporate rate from 52%.  As Kennedy expected, after the cut in tax rates, economic growth averaged more than 5 percent a year for three years, with very low inflation. In other words, mock as Obama may, cutting taxes worked for Kennedy.  It worked for Reagan and it worked for Bush.  Which of the four is the dunderhead?  JFK was smart enough to know the solution and had no problem saying that tax cuts actually increase revenue, spark growth, create jobs and can lower the deficit. Barack Obama must have skipped school the day that lesson was on the agenda.

Ronald Reagan is another great president who well understood how a government run by a socialist / communist like Obama actually works:

“Governments view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

Reagan and Kennedy had the right idea. After four years, we know that Obama has the wrong idea. America cannot afford four more years of Obama. The people should keep their money and government should take only as much as it needs to do the things that the people cannot provide for themselves—roads, bridges, national defense, etc.  Not much else is really necessary. Big government simply does not work and it requires too much of the people’s money to keep it afloat.

There are many examples of things that America does not need from its national government. One example is that the national government should not be in charge of education. Local school boards with local teachers do just fine. Having the federal government in charge of education is very costly and very ineffective. Worse than that, it leads to the indoctrination of very tender minds towards the ideological principles of the political party in charge.

“Mmm Mmm Mmmm Barack Hussein Obama!”

Brian Kelly is a business owner and former assistant professor at Marywood University; he and his wife live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly is running for Senate in his state and believes limited government brings liberty and freedom.


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Brian Kelly is a business owner and former assistant professor at Marywood University; he and his wife, Pat live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly ran for COngress and for the US Senate in his state and he believes limited government brings liberty and freedom. Brian's 48th book is titled, Saving America, The How-To Book. It is available at and

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