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Though their disruptions were far less disastrous than the Libyan massacre of US diplomats, there was plenty of Muslim turmoil to go around across the entire Mideast. The Muslim Brotherhood, the group backed by Obama over Mubarak; and the demonstrators in Egypt and twenty other capitols in the Arab world, showed no love and no respect for the infamous Professor Buddy Love. At the time, Mr. Love was being played by President Obama. To celebrate 9-1-1, flag burning was a main course offering by Muslim extremists throughout the Mideast. Many chose to partake.

Unfortunately for US citizens looking for a strong response, Hillary Clinton, the current Secretary of State and Susan B. Rice, US Ambassador to the UN, tried to blame it all on an old and cheap movie trailer. Their attempt was viewed by the left and the right as a cover-up for something…but what? Having voted for Hillary against BHO in the primary of 2008, Mrs. Clinton lost a lot of ground with me with her excuses and apologies.

At a minimum, Americans were looking for outrage over the deaths of our brave diplomats, but there was none. In a word, the US response was pathetic. Additionally, the Clinton State Department took out $17,000 in ads in Pakistan apologizing again while major demonstrations concurrently ensued in front of our embassy. Meanwhile the President appeared disinterested, if not totally bored because the crisis came just when politics had again become exciting for him again. Without a second thought about the Americans deaths and the mayhem in the Mideast, the leader of the free world went in the other direction to a fundraiser in Las Vegas. Governor Romney offered the only leadership we have seen since the Mideast was set on fire. But, as we have experienced many times in our own lives – No good deed goes unpunished! The corrupt media immediately pounced on him.

Unfortunately, Team Obama suggested to its allies in the corrupt US press that Romney had broken the Obama code. He had tried to help America without the expressed written permission of either Obama or the NFL. Worse than that, Obama sicced the media on Romney so he would learn a lesson for the rest of the campaign to never again try to save the United States while President Obama was busy fundraising.

And, so the dishonest US media through their many stations and networks and newspapers were able to bluff their way to make it appear that Obama was in control, though he was definitely fundraising, and he had turned off his two-way Dick Tracy wrist radio so that he could devote all his time to bringing in the bucks. The US media topped off the charade by building a case that Governor Romney was interfering with a process that Obama had begun, and they created the notion that Romney should be ashamed of himself for intervening in presidential matters while not being the president. The truth is not even close. Obama was fundraising, of the two, Romney was the only person on duty speaking up for America during the crisis, which still may still not be over.

Though he is not backing down about his words on our President’s weak performance in the Mideast events, Governor Romney admits openly that he spoke out of turn on the 47%, who pay no income tax. The percentages for which Romney spoke were surely incorrect but his theme was right-on. The Campaigner in Chief, Obama, seized the low road so he could lie about Romney’s real intentions. And, like one of the colorful weasels in a Batman episode, Obama himself tried unsuccessfully to finish Romney off.

The non-objective media, working with the Obama boys from Chicago, were able to pull a well edited tape out of nowhere just at the right time, and Obama lovers from all over the world have come out of the woodwork to re-embrace the one-time messiah on his second mission of hope and change. The 47% mission happened to occur at the same time in trekky Kardashian time units as the Mideast crisis began. It was on Air Force One, not on the Starship or the Oval Office, however. Destination Las Vegas was the prime order. No time for tending to world affairs. The President committed to a major fundraiser. The campaign treasury needed a big refill, and it would not be denied.

Despite the spin from the progressive media and Obama on Romney’s 47% gaffe, it is irrefutable that 47% of Americans do not pay federal income tax. Social Security and Medicare are entitlements, though seniors don’t like that word. The fact is that seniors are fully entitled to these benefits because they paid the tax every payday. Soon, I too will be on Medicare so I know the sentiments of seniors. Social Security and Medicare are not government handouts.

Instead of picking on Romney, why would the US press not do something useful for the country like foster a discussion about the poor financial condition of the US? The fact is that 47% of Americans do not pay for their government, and that is a problem. It is not something to brag about or to stone the messenger about.

Why do the media not highlight the fact that Obama has not passed a single budget while in office? That would be useful. Why does Obama get a pass on that, when the fiscal ship is sinking? Is the notion of a 47% issue that important to occupy the “free” press? In a few years the spending rate will be increased, not decreased and direct “benefits” will be distributed to 50—60 percent of the population. Such a rate is unsustainable. Obama knows it is unsustainable. Yet, the distracted media does not help the people by diverting the discussion to 47%. Why not take the lead on the fiscal issue? The government has no money. Warren Buffett does not have enough money to bail us out. Moreover, even if he had the money, Bill Gates is smart enough not to ante any up for a bad cause.

The government long ago spent our retirement funds unwisely when there was no budgetary pressure. The dollars are gone and replaced by IOU’s. The government calls the IOUs treasury notes. Right now, an honest audit would show that Social Security and Medicare are busted and about to fail. Will Obama blame Romney for that?

The rapidity in which the dollars continue to exit the treasury on the front door to fund government programs, is matched only by how quickly Chinese yuan (renminbi) banknotes are coming in the back door to replenish the funds. Experts suggest that if this spending trend continues, the country will reach the crisis level in three or four years—not 10 or 20. Where is the press corps on this most important matter? Hardly anybody in the media seems to have the will to tell the truth about this important matter but they are willing to pounce on a simple math gaffe by Romney. Maybe the corrupt press is secretly learning the Mandarin dialect on the side.

In this day and age, unfortunately we witness many forms of institutionalized lying. To many, all things are fair if they help the progressives and the Democratic Party. Truth or fiction does not matter. In Germany, in another day and age, similar things were in play in the NAZI Party. Party leaders were such zealots, they believed in their party more than they believed in God, and they had their own corrupt press eating out of their hands for news tidbits. One of the greatest liars of all time, Joseph Goebbels’ official job was to lie to the German people. Nobody did it better! His title was the Minister of Propaganda for the Reich. He was an evil man. He offered these comments about his love for the NAZI Party:

“My Party is my church, and I believe I serve the Lord best if I do his will, and liberate my oppressed people from the fetters of slavery. That is my gospel.”

Goebbels, like today’s progressive Democratic leaders and the complicit media, believed that the lie was the best weapon of the state. We Americans were raised to be truthful and so we do not expect lies to be so commonplace. We expect that when people talk to us or write for our consumption, that they tell the truth. That is why Americans are so gullible, and so easily duped by our lying government and the lying US media. Americans are a good people, and we expect others to be good. And so we are the perfect stooges for those with sinister plans. See how these Goebbels quotes fit in with the 47% blunder. Ask yourself was Romney’s gaffe that bad or does the suborned US press have an agenda that includes taking down the opposition candidate for Obama? Here are the quotes from Joseph Goebbels:

“The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed.”

Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

“The truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

I have a suggestion for all who have read the above quotes. Please read them and read them and read them again. Then, think about whether the extraordinary amount of lying that you have witnessed in your lifetime is an accident or is it the new norm. How much of what you see and hear can you believe in the future? Does the face of UN Ambassador Susan Rice, lying through her teeth on Sunday talk shows, come to mind?

Many Americans are wising up to the coordinated lies of the government and the media. However, many others fall for the lies and they believe both the media and the government. It is easier to believe lies when you are rooting for the liars. To too many Americans, the continual coverage and the continual hyperbole propagated by the untruthful media, serves as living proof that Romney is the worst person on earth.

The US press has intentionally succeeded in making’s Romney’s little gaffe seem more important than any of the President’s failures–many as they may be, including his non-response to the Ambassador’s slaughter. The proof is on the table. Team Obama, the tainted US Media, and the leaders of the progressive Democrats will say whatever is necessary to accomplish their mission of assuring four more years of Obama tyranny.

While celebrating Romney’s 47% slip, the US media chose to ignore the President’s inaction on the Libyan crisis because the two were related. It had nothing to do with a small player creating a lousy cartoon. Yet, he is in jail for that, while the Libyan killers are free. The media knew the Romney tape was a cover-up, and the video was a cover-up. The media helped cover-up both cover-ups. They resurrected this old 47% tape to make sure that nobody dare have the time to blame Obama about anything in the Mideast for which he is responsible. It worked far better than anybody might have thought. So, we must be smarter dealing with Obama’s Chicago pros. They always play for keeps.

Republicans had to respond to the underplayed media treatment of the Mideast debacle, and Romney had to respond to the 47% gaffe. So, nobody could demand that Obama get to work. The US press corps saved Obama and they blackened Romney. Once upon a time, the US press represented the citizens and not a political Party.

I forgive Mitt Romney for the 47 gaffe. Real men forgive real mistakes. Romney thought he was in front of friends, but was there recording the event. They kept their unauthorized and illegal tape under lock and key for months. It was available for Team Obama when the recent Mideast crisis erupted. The campaign was looking for anything to deflect the blame to anybody else or at least create a diversion to protect Obama. Bush was not available. To cover up criticism, they edited the tape to make the President the real hero. Obama always likes that type of editing. And, of course they removed anything positive about Romney. When they released the doctored tape, however they also lied a little by saying it was the tape and nothing but the tape. They were right. It just wasn’t the whole tape.

The Obama campaign bets often that that Americans will act dumb. Most Americans have no idea how deceitful Team Obama and the lying media have become. Hey, they beat Hillary Clinton, who was coached by the master. The pathological liars in the mainstream media declared that this tape was the one and only truth on the matter, and unfortunately, as they expected, many people accepted their words that this tape was 100%. It was enough of a diversion to keep the public’s eyes off the Libyan / Egypt and Mideast crisis. The US media first wanted nobody to think about how poorly Obama was handling the Mideast situation, and secondly, they hoped their ruse would convince the people that it was time to believe that Mitt Romney was the second coming of Lucifer. The only thing sacrificed to make that all happen was the truth.

Americans who love Obama to a fault ignored the President’s lack of responsibility regarding the deaths of four American diplomats. The campaign won another important battle for the reelection of their man. could not have gotten better play for their irresponsible act. Perhaps the truth no longer matters. Just a small bit of leadership might have prevented the attacks on America but then again, the Obama campaign achieved a major propaganda victory while Obama was busy with other stuff.

The progressives believe they can convince all of America that this highly edited tape of Romney will make up for four years of Obama’s gross incompetence as a leader. They think we Americans are all so dumb that it will give Obama four more years to complete his destiny to destroy America. Even if some Americans reject this ploy as I have, there will be many more schemes to come, and few if any future revelations of Romney’s bad deeds will be truthful—but they will sound like the truth. Team Obama and the corrupt press know how to lie like champions. Wait for the night before charade that they plan!

What exactly was it that Romney said?

Mitt Romney: “There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that is an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what…These are people who pay no income tax. My job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

What is so seriously wrong with what Romney said compared to the Mideast cover-up? Though this is a gaffe, Romney’s comments are closer to the truth than many Obama slip-ups. For example when Obama talked about the 57 United States, the media said it was a small gaffe and let it pass. Maybe Obama was looking to add about seven loyal Mideast States to the Union? How about Libya and Egypt for starters? When Obama said small businesses “did not build it,” the media said it was a small gaffe and let it pass. And then again, when Obama said he was for income and wealth redistribution to give the have-nots a “shot” in life, the media said it was a small gaffe and let it pass. And just this last week when Obama summarized the four American deaths in Libya as “small bumps in the road,” the media said it was a small gaffe and let it pass. And then again when the evidence was in and irrefutable that it was a terrorist attack, Obama announced (lied) to the UN, like as if everybody in the world is stupid, that the video from the little man in jail on a free-speech rap, was the problem. But when Romney offered his off the cuff comments about the 47, which are mostly true, the media immediately began to check out the price of lumber, nails and rope to build a hangman’s gallows that would finish Romney for good. The Obama camp did not have to do anything at all, as the unethical water carriers for Obama in the perverse US media did all the work for them.

What is really wrong with Romney’s statement other than that the number “47” is incorrect? Who cares if people like me on unemployment or Social Security or Medicare or disabled veterans or military people or anybody else like us, are paying taxes? I know I do not care; Romney surely does not care. When I had a good job and when you had a good job, we were glad to pay. In this disconsolate Obama economy, there are no jobs to be had for the looking. Romney is not the President. This is not Romney’s fault! Don’t let Obama substitute the name Romney for Bush. Romney has never been your President. This is all Obama’s fault, though in a thousand Sundays he won’t admit it!

Romney is correct about the devastating spending trend line. We are in trouble. Forty seven percent either pay no taxes or they are taking something from the government. This is compared with about 33 percent in the same category in 1980. That was when Reagan was elected because voters felt that government had gotten too big. Here we go again. Also, back in 1980, “just” 16% of Americans were on welfare. Romney was not far off base, but he was crucified by a US media with an Obama agenda.

Directly relevant is the fact that in 1980, “just” 16 percent of Americans received a welfare check compared with about 25 percent today. The 25 percent is what we can call the real dependency class that Romney is talking about. He was off by 22 points. Again, all of us know that he did not mean the retirees, disabled, or military, etc. However, latching on to these untruths, makes for an interesting campaign battle, especially when we know that Obama will use untruths to his advantage.

The 25 percent, which may be more exact than any other number, is not as bad a number as 47% but it is still way too high. All citizens other than those who do not mind speaking Chinese should be worried. Why do the corrupt media not help Americans understand that the country is in the middle of a big fiscal problem? Perhaps it is because they are so corrupt? Many of the American people depend on the US media for real news and insights, but get campaign rhetoric instead. Our venerable country is going bankrupt. This is a very important issue about which the media should be reporting the truth. But, they ignore the issue because it will hurt their man, Obama.

For years, working Americans have complained about the caricature of the welfare man. Picture the front porch scene as you go to work. There is a man and perhaps a woman, a bit in excess of avoirdupois, drinking good beer all day long. The same duo and a few more are there when you come back home from work. From a distance, the beer may look pretty good but the idea stinks. These are the people that Romney is talking about and who none of us are too happy about. For too many years, this scenario has played over and over on porches across America. Isn’t it time to make it right?

These people are the poster children. They take advantage of the system and cost the rest of us a lot of taxes. It is tough to generalize about this welfare stereotype that none of us like, but I sure hope that I captured a part of it. I have never been on welfare but I have lived in neighborhoods where this scenario occurred on more than one porch.

Since Romney does not live in the neighborhoods where I grew up, it would be tough for him to spot the 47 situation any more artfully than he did in his speech. But, those of us who have experienced in our lives people living on the dole; know they make life tough for those of us who pay taxes. For this, we know Romney is on the right track. We’d all like whoever the takers are to get out of town or to get off the dole as fast as they can.

When we remove the disabled, the retirees, those in the military, the veterans, the elderly on SS and Medicare, etc., Romney’s 47% is off by a large percentage. Before I knew the real number was 25%, I gave the governor the benefit of the doubt despite the lying and corrupt press telling me that Romney hated me and I should not vote for him. I did not buy it. I figured that Romney had not checked the percentages and the # was 23% or 32% or 16% or something that did not include all of us in the 47%. I was right However, the nefarious intentionally misleading media were already building the gallows. Mitt Romney is smart and charitable. He is not interested in hurting seniors like me or my wife or anybody in the safety net. Only a vicious, untruthful, nasty progressive Democratic Party and a complicit unscrupulous media would ever want you to think that.

On Tuesday of last week, Romney straightened out the media on what he really meant in his speech. Most of the media, who had given Obama four or five times to get the Mideast upheaval right, instead of relenting, doubled down on their defamatory remarks. In an Interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox News, Romney offered these clarifying points:

“I believe that we should have enough jobs and enough take-home pay such that people have the privilege of higher incomes that allow them to be paying taxes,… I think people would like to be paying taxes.”

As just another spokesperson for the 47%, I could not agree more. Let’s get somebody in office who knows how to create jobs. Paying taxes is not a bad deal if you have a nice job. I

Is Google considered the media? Trying to find the above Romney quote to Neil Cavuto on Google; was another exercise in both frustration and media bias. It seems that even Google is on the side of the far left and there is a deep and untiring willingness to lie or do anything for their guy. Even when I directly added the words “Fox News” in the search window, the likes of Huffington Post, ABC, NBC, and other liberal news outlets came up as the first items in my search results. Who is kidding whom? Fox, in the search argument window, did not appear at all. Go figure? Is Google just another part of the corrupt US media?

Un Expert Richard Grenell in a NewsMax interview blasted the Obama administration for its failure to act decisively in the Mideast crisis and for covering up the facts. Grenell offered the following:

“I find it ironic that Mitt Romney waited 15 hours while the situation in Libya and in Egypt was developing – and he didn’t say anything for 15 hours. The President of the United States didn’t say anything for 15 hours. And when Romney finally came out and said: ‘Hey, look. I think there’s a weak response going,’ the weak response was this Cairo statement that Hillary Clinton rejected – and the weak response is no response from the White House. What the media failed to understand is that no reaction from the White House for 15 hours is a weak response…And when President Obama finally spoke out, his first words were to condemn Mitt Romney. I really find it shocking that the media then spent the next five days piling on Mitt Romney for speaking too early.”

Ask yourself this question before you decide whether Romney was the perpetrator or whether the bad guy in all this was the Obama White House. Would the four American diplomats including Ambassador Christopher Stevens still be alive if in the first hour, instead of the fifteenth, the President interrupted his fundraiser to strongly condemn the actions outside our embassies? Could the deaths been avoided? Finally, how did Obama’s blasting Romney for doing the right thing help matters and why did the media provide such great cover for Obama? Can it be that the US media is corrupt?

Having a US press corps that Americans cannot trust is a far more important missing piece of our democracy than a small gaffe from a political candidate. I hesitate to tell the US media to get back to work because their work as of late is not intended to help America or Americans. Rather than worrying about Romney’s exact percentages, and whether he spoke too soon on the Mideast crisis, I would prefer that Americans pray that one day we may again enjoy a free press. Additionally, one day, when his stupid video is forgotten, maybe the little guy with the stupid video will get a new identity and get out of jail. Just maybe?


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