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Mr. Jefferson Smith, the head of the Boy Rangers, played by Jimmy Stewart helped Washington rid itself of corruption in the movie. Pennsylvanians can expect our own Mr. Smith to do the same. Unfortunately, Bob Casey Jr. offers little hope. He is a career politician, just like the bad guys in the movie. Pennsylvanians need a good guy, more like Jimmy Stewart than Barack Obama or Bob Casey to represent US in the US Senate. Tom Smith definitely fits the bill.

Tom Smith married his high school sweetheart, Saundy, and still lives on the family farm in Armstrong County where he grew up. The Smiths have seven children (four of whom are siblings that the Smiths adopted from Texas). They also have eight grandchildren, with reports that No. 9 is on the way.

Like George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful Life, Tom Smith was asked to postpone college to help his father tend the family business. Like many Pennsylvanians, to make ends meet while working the farm, Tom Smith needed another job. So, he took a spot as a school bus driver to make up for the lack of abundance on the family farm. Eventually Tom was able to leave farming behind when he went to work in a local surface coal mine.

It took over twenty-years, but in 1989, Smith was able to start a coal business himself. In the rugged individualist entrepreneurial spirit of America, he mortgaged everything to build a better life for himself and his family. Tom Smith is an American business success story. He was not born with a silver spoon. In 2010, Smith sold his coal business, which at the time was mining more than a million tons of coal a year and was employing over a-hundred people. It was not all gravy for Mr. Smith as his companies went through some hard times along the way. Obama’s EPA regulations regarding coal made life really difficult for Tom Smith’s companies.

Mr. Smith is an experienced business man who knows how to make good things happen for business. Americans need Tom Smith as our US Senator. He is uniquely qualified to help Pennsylvania and he can help the United States get out from under the yoke of inexperienced economic leadership. Neither President Obama nor his favorite Senator, Bob Casey has any private sector business experience. Another six years of Casey and four more for Obama will result in a lot of pain for Pennsylvanians and all Americans. It’s coming out of our hides, not theirs! We simply cannot afford to give either of these failures another chance.

Most Pennsylvanians do understand that the reckless spending and zealous regulatory policies of Casey and Obama have cost the United States trillions of dollars, and millions of jobs. They worked together against all conservative measures to end the double-dip recession and heal the economy. Ideology comes first with both men. Pennsylvanians and Americans come in a distant second.

When Bob Casey joined Harry Reid’s Senate in 2006, few remember that unemployment was just 4.6% and now it averages 8.3%, though Obama recently cooked up some numbers to help his election at the 7.8% level. Compare that with 4.6% before the conservatives lost control of Congress and the high spending Bob Casey Democrats took all hard working Americans for a big downhill ride. America’s downfall began with the term Casey won in 2006. Additionally, during the Casey years, Americans lost just about $4,000 in average spending dollars per year.

In just the last four years, from 2008, middle income Americans lost over 8% of their spending power, and with the Casey / Obama policies and high handed regulations, higher wages are not about to come back any time soon. With a lack of leadership and business experience, it is understandable that the Obama / Casey solutions are way off the mark and time has proven they do not work. Unfortunately, Americans are paying big time for the incompetence of our leaders.

There is little doubt that these are tough times. Nobody really knows how many dips there will be in this yo-yo recession. But we do know that without controls on spending, our wild deficit and debt will keep US in recession for years to come and our children will pay the price. America needs to become like we were before the progressives—Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and of course Pennsylvania’s own Bob Casey Jr.—took the power from the people after 2006. It was not George Bush, though it is convenient to blame Bush.

The Democratic message on how we got here always forgets to remind the people that before Reid and Pelosi and Casey, the unemployment rate was just 4.6%, and, more importantly, working people had money in their pockets, and in their bank accounts and IRA’s. Now, more and more people have become dependent on government just to make ends meet. Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way, and it shouldn’t be this way. That’s why Tom Smith is running for US Senate in PA.

Jobs are clearly a huge problem today in Pennsylvania and across America. We all know that government does not create jobs. Businesses do. Neither Casey nor Obama knows what is good for business. Government can either impede businesses with huge taxes and overwhelming regulations, or it can get out of the way and let the economy be successful. The fingerprints of Casey and Obama are all over our economic problems. Their decisions are simply bad for business, bad for the economy, bad for the country, and bad for the people.

Businesses do not hire when the President adds new regulations or raises taxes. They hire when they see a vibrant economy in which they hope to grow their businesses. Right now, there is a lack of demand, and government has been trying to “stimulate the economy” by borrowing money from China. Only the Chinese smile about that deal. Smart economists say that such a strategy can only fail, and it has failed for four years now. Robbing from Peter to pay Paul is this government’s biggest sin of fiscal mismanagement. Businesses do not invest when the government is determined to destroy the economy and punish successful businesses for their success.

When government spends like drunken sailors and conspires to increase the burden on business; instead of growing, businesses contract. They hold onto their cash. They stop hiring and begin to let workers go–exactly what has been happening. Now, Casey and Obama want to use more of the same bad medicine for another six years. It won’t work because it can’t work. Tom Smith knows how to run a business.

The do-nothing US Senate right now is the cog that is keeping US at a standstill. Bob Casey and the Senate-controlling Democrats last passed a budget on April 9, 2009, over three years ago. If you or I were the leaders of something lots smaller than the federal government, say the PTA/PTO, and we did not have a budget, the parents would give us our walking papers. That is exactly what we should do for all Senators for this egregious dereliction of duty that happened on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D–NV) watch. When we move Senator Casey out of the way, along with a number of other progressives, America can succeed again.

When government gets its own house in order (friendly tax policy, balanced budgets, etc.) business will invest in hiring and expanding. Government can induce businesses to grow and to hire new employees only with a tax plan that provides meaningful, long-term tax and regulatory policies that assure businesses that the government will not take all their proceeds. The little business teasers that this administration, with Bob Casey’s full compliance, put forth, have been a joke, and businesses see them as jokes, and that is why the economy stands still.

So, with government perceived as the enemy, smart businesses choose to keep their money. They do not invest in their own companies, and they do not add jobs. An administration that wants growth must make positive news for business and must make it permanent, not short term. Businesses will then be jumping over themselves to create jobs. Tom Smith, with a lifetime of success in business understands this. Bob Casey, the Unknown US Senator in his home state, seems to be living under a rock and is far too busy understanding Obama to worry about America.

Government policies are the biggest cause of joblessness. Tom Smith and most conservatives know how to create jobs: Just get out of the way. Job creation does not occur when Government punishes the private sector with high taxes and impossible regulations. Washington’s problems will never be fixed if the people keep sending back the same clueless politicians who created the problems. Pennsylvania needs representatives who are of the people and for the people, and who sincerely care about the people. Bob Casey is not on the short list.

The people must rely on honest legislators. The US Senate is the most important federal body. Bob Casey is currently a member of that body. Yet, he chooses not to face the people for just about any reason. The Senator is either afraid of US or we do not matter to him. Thankfully, we can rely on conservative voices like Tom Smith to speak the truth and be assured that the trust we place will be honored, not squandered. It will be refreshing next year to have another US Senator that represents the people.

Most Pennsylvanians do not know the real Bob Casey. He ran like a conservative in 2006–but voted like a tax and spend liberal for the next six years. Now that the polls suggest that his deep love for Barack Obama may be hurting the Senator’s electability, Bob Casey, who had been sporting a 98% pro-Obama record, is reportedly cutting the Obama love by a percentage or two, hoping Pennsylvanian’s will forget. We won’t!

When Obama’s business killing regulations have been on the table; Casey consistently votes to kill Pennsylvania jobs. Casey does work hard, but not for Pennsylvanians. He works hard for the Barack Obama reelection campaign. Meanwhile, the Casey / Obama regulations continue to prevent the PA economy and the rest of the US economy, from being rejuvenated to grow again,

Americans cannot afford either four or six more years of Obama and Casey policies that kill jobs, redistribute income, steal hundreds of billions from Medicare and force Pennsylvania workers to give up their hard-earned insurance policies so non-workers and Illegal aliens can get premium coverage. Bob Casey and Barack Obama want to ration health care for everyone in America– except perhaps for those who break our immigration laws.

Check out the Death panels and the Obama complete lives system. None of this is a joke and it is coming in the second term. These are real proposals. The complete lives system is the health rationing method under Casey and Obama. Under the program, seniors will find it more expensive and more difficult to obtain the health care we need.

Once any of us hits the magic age of forty years old, when Obama’s complete lives system kicks in, we had better have another way to pay for our own health services, when we are denied care by the system. With Obama and Casey at the helm, none of US will be able to stop Medicare from becoming a stepchild of Obamacare. Hard as it may be to believe, those under ten will also have a lower priority for health care.

Ironically, Obama complains that a Romney / Ryan voucher program will kill Medicare. The truth is that it will save Medicare. For those under 55, the voucher program would always provide healthcare, no matter how old any of us may get. Under Romney / Ryan, nobody, no matter what age, would ever roll into Obamacare. We would stay in Medicare. In Obama’s second term, Medicare as we know it will disappear as it is rolled into the regulatory morass of Obamacare. There will be no Medicare under Obama unless Ezekiel Emanuel is fired tomorrow.

Obamacare death panels may not save any lives but they will save lots and lots of money for the country. Ezekiel Emanuel’s complete lives system will make sure that old farts do not receive any “unnecessary treatment.” There will be no special treatment due to cost considerations to get feeble bodies into hospital beds when it costs far less to get reasonably healthy bodies into the same beds with better expected outcomes.

The Emanuel system, favored by Obama, is where we are heading. It provides treatment first for those with the highest probable days to live. It is a bad system for moms and dads over 40. It is a bad system for grand-moms and grand-pops over 40, and it is an especially bad system for children that have not yet reached adolescence. It is a new world in which old people and very young people will be seen as cost liabilities. Check out the complete lives system and you can see what it is all about

The Casey and Obama plan will be fine tuned to help adolescents and older people until you hit 40 years of age. Anybody else will be deemed as disposable, and will receive whatever healthcare is leftover after those in the 10 to 40 bracket have their fill. The cost savings from denying coverage will sustain Obamacare long after Medicare is gone.

The elderly will again become burdens on their children and grandchildren, who will not be able to help out because they will be too busy paying off the national debt. Under the complete lives system, complete lives will be shorter. Living a long life will no longer be part of the American dream.

As a senior, think of the small chance you will have at 60 or 65 or 70 or 75 years of age, needing a knee replacement or dialysis or an organ transplant, or major treatment for any illness. Don’t plan on sympathy when your “special” case comes before the “BOARD.” A board of 15 progressives (one of several death panels) will determine what you get and what you do not get. Will this group of 15 people, none of whom you will know by name, be inclined to give you thumbs-up or thumbs-down? Today all seniors have health choices. Tomorrow, if Casey and Obama prevail, the government will make the decisions.

In the spirit of Logan’s Run, a 1976 science fiction film that advocated killing everyone when they reached the age of thirty, to prevent overpopulation, the death panel and Obama’s complete lives system will surely help reduce the population. Less living people will reduce the cost of healthcare more expeditiously than any other program. Sarah Palin was right! The dead statistically need substantially less health care than the living.

Giving up Medicare will be the only choice in Obama’s second term. That is why the President took $716 billion from Medicare to give to Obamacare and not vice versa. If seniors were getting the better deal, the dollars would be going the other way. Perhaps if mortuary care were included in the total “government health package,” aka, Obamacare, it would be a sweeter deal for seniors. Unfortunately, we would be forced to die to collect on that one.

When a senior is on her death bed at home after being denied care under Obamacare, since available care will be gobbled up by the ten to forty year-old bracket, I wonder if their opinion of a voucher system would be different. I suspect that those preparing to become the newly dead would have preferred a voucher plan as a far better option than Obama’s compulsory death panel. The final step to insure that Obama controls life or death for seniors in the future is electing Casey and Obama for four more years.

Are you ready to take the final step? Can any of this spooky stuff be true? If you vote for Obama because you like the complete lives system, then don’t forget to vote also for Casey. The President will need good-hearted Bob Casey’s votes in the Senate to assure that his Medicare elimination plans can be accomplished. However, if you think it is OK for seniors to live long lives, vote for Tom Smith. Like me, Tom is also a senior.

Instead of balancing the budget on the backs of the American people, it may be that the President, through the counsel of Dr. Zeke Emanuel, and with the help of Bob Casey, has decided to balance the budget on the backs of American corpses – mostly former seniors.

Now that you know the risks—who wants to try their luck and be the first to trade Medicare for Obamacare? Your vote does count!


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